Western Rise debuts the most versatile shirt imaginable with the Limitless Merino Wool Shirt, following record-breaking Kickstarter success

April 15, 2019

TELLURIDE, CO (April 15, 2019) – Western Rise, creators of the next generation of premium men’s performance clothing, has partnered with The Woolmark Company, the global authority on wool, to develop a high-performance and comfortable Merino wool shirt designed for every day wear. The Limitless Merino Wool Shirt seamlessly blends performance and style, combining the look of a traditional button-down shirt with the highly technical, odor resistant, temperature-regulating attributes of Australian Merino wool.

Designed to be versatile and functional, The Limitless Merino Wool Shirt leverages the natural performances benefits of Merino wool to eliminate the need to change in between activities. Unlike synthetic fabrics, Merino wool transfers moisture vapor and absorbs odor molecules from sweat allowing the shirt to be worn multiple times before washing. Merino wool is an extremely durable, breathable and active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature allowing the wearer to move seamlessly from one activity to the next. The ultra-fine, 100% natural Merino fibers were sourced from Australia, the leading producer of 90% of the world’s fine apparel wool.

“Our goal with the Limitless Merino Wool Shirt was to recreate the magic of our Merino wool t-shirts in a classic button-down that could be worn for travel, outdoors and everyday use,” said Western Rise Co-Founder/Creative Director Will Watters. “We love Australian Merino wool because it’s incredibly soft, odor resistant and temperature regulating. With the help of The Woolmark Company, we were able to find a luxuriously soft, engineered knit fabric that blended Merino wool and quick-dry polyester. The result a shirt that can stretch in every direction, is incredibly comfortable and can be worn for days without being washed.”

“Recent years has seen an increased use of Merino wool in technical sportswear and athleisure,” explains The Woolmark Company Managing Director Stuart McCullough. “Whilst non-traditional uses have included wool in footwear, this is one of the first products innovatively including Australian Merino wool is a button down shirt, which has been designed with form, function and fashion in mind. By drawing on wool’s natural benefits – such as breathability, odor and UV resistance and natural elasticity – Western Rise has cleverly made a shirt suited to all seasons and activities.”

In 2018, Western Rise achieved mass success with a crowdfunding campaign for The Evolution Pant which garnered support from more than 3,700 backers and raised $600,000 in 30 days, earning it a spot in the top 1% success rate of all Kickstarter campaigns. Designed to be the world’s most functional and versatile pair of pants, it was the most funded technical pant in Kickstarter history since the platform’s inception in 2009.

The new Limitless Merino Wool Shirt will debut exclusively on Kickstarter on April 15, with a campaign that allows consumers to support sustainable performance fashion produced at an environmentally friendly factory. early Kickstarter backers will receive the shirt for $89, more than 30% off the retail price of $129.

To learn more about The Limitless Merino Wool Shirt, please visit westernrise.com/kickstarter.

About Western Rise:

Western Rise combines high-performance fabrics, innovative construction techniques, and well-considered design to create simple, timeless performance clothing. Clothing built to give the active individual freedom of movement. Simply put, your clothing should fit well and function seamlessly, no matter the weather or occasion.

Western Rise is a direct to consumer e-commerce brand specializing in men’s performance clothing. Founded in 2014 by Will and Kelly Watters, Western Rise specializes in combining the highest performing custom technical fabrics with classic styles to allow you to do more with less. They have received high praise from the industry including Men’s Journal, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, HiConsumption, Gear Patrol, Carryology and being named “Favorite new Gear Company” by Outside Magazine. They are currently focusing on expanding their product line and expanding into new markets. You can see more of their core line at westernrise.com.

About The Woolmark Company:
The Woolmark Company is the global authority on wool. Through our extensive network of relationships spanning the international textile and fashion industries, we highlight Australian wool’s position as the ultimate natural fiber and premier ingredient in luxury apparel and technical perofmancewear.

The Woolmark logo is one of the world’s most recognized and respected brands, providing assurance of the highest quality, and representing pioneering excellence and innovation from the farm through to finished product.

The Woolmark Company is a subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation, a not-for-profit enterprise that conducts research, development, and marketing along the worldwide supply chain for Australian wool on behalf of about 60,000 woolgrowers that help fund the company. Please visit www.woolmark.com for additional information.

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