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Endurance Sportswire subscribers are reporters and bloggers who are interested in the topics of running, cycling or triathlon. Additionally, Endurance Sportswire is received by people within the endurance sports industry including retailers, equipment manufacturers, apparel makers, service providers, event organizers, athletes and others interested in the business and topic of endurance sports.
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Unless a later date has been requested, we request that you post your press release the evening before you’d like it to go out to ensure it gets in our email and is posted in a timely manner. Press releases must be received by 3:00 p.m. EST Monday – Thursday to be included in the following day’s news report. Press release uploaded after that time will appear in the next news report. Press releases received by noon ET on Sunday will appear on endurancesportswire.com on Monday. We do not distribute on major holidays.
Endurance Sportswire members may upload their company logo and one photo. JPG and GIF files are accepted.
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