New Bikepacking Essentials Kits from Exploring Wild Give Riders Everything They Need for Problem Solving on the Trail

May 7, 2024

Featuring items hand-selected by a veteran bikepacker with over 20,000 miles logged, the Fix it Kit and Tubeless Flat Tire Kit include items all bikepackers rely on in an affordable, lightweight and packable pouch

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 7, 2024 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Veteran bikepacker and founder of Exploring Wild, Alissa Bell today announced first-of-its-kind bikepacking essentials kits. Available at exploringwild.com, The Fix it Kit and Tubeless Tire Repair Kit are curated kits with emergency essentials needed while bikepacking in remote locations.

Bell has logged over 20,000 miles bikepacking and developed the idea for these curated kits after having to backtrack 10 miles when her emergency kit bounced out of her bottle cage. She realized it would be expensive and nearly impossible to replenish all the necessities in the next town.

“I often see new bikepackers stress over their gear list and worry about missing something important. Repair and emergency kits are especially tricky because they’re full of potentially critical items that you hope not to need, and it’s hard to know which things will be most useful without experience,” said Alissa Bell, founder of Exploring Wild. “This kit is full of supplies I’ve depended on during thousands of miles of bikepacking and touring. While the products aren’t hard to buy separately, they are often sold in large quantities and can be costly when you want to buy just a few.”

Exploring Wild’s Essentials Kits Include:

Fix it Kit, $25: A carefully curated 21-piece collection of versatile emergency supplies for bikepacking adventures. The Fix it Kit addresses problems like broken racks and bags, ripped gear, loose or missing bolts, squealing brake pads, failed water filters and dead light batteries in a lightweight, compact pouch. Designed to help bikepackers in remote locations with critical essentials, it includes:

Gear Aid Tenacious gear repair tape
Frame tape (pre-tape at home first, this is for touch up)
Mini LED backup light
Sandpaper and alcohol wipes to fix disc brake squealing
Aquatabs (2) in case of water filter failure
Duct tape (2 m)
Recycled tube segment for shimming handlebar mounts or protecting frame
Zip ties (6)
Presta to Schrader valve adapter (in case of Presta pump failure)
Spare M5 bottle cage bolts (2) and washers (2)
Threadlocker to prevent bolts rattling loose
Lightweight carrying pouch
Bonus: Lifesaver candy and relaxing tea

Tubeless Flat Tire Repair Kit, $36: The comprehensive 25-piece Tubeless Tire Repair Kit gathers essential supplies riders need to safely and confidently venture into the middle of nowhere on tubeless tires. Designed for bikepackers, long-distance tourers, and adventurous mountain bikers for whom tire failure is not an option, this kit will keep the rubber rolling despite the nastiest punctures, tears, and gashes. The kit includes:

​​Tubeless plug tool

Tubeless plug strips (small and medium)
Braided fishing line (10 feet)
Curved needles (2 sizes)
Rubber thimbles
Super Glue
Gorilla tape (12″)
Alcohol wipes for cleaning before repair (2)
Tire boots made from Tyvek (2)
Spare valve stem
Spare valve core
Valve core remover
Presta-to-Schrader valve adapter
Tire levers (2)
Glueless tube patches (6)
Instruction booklet and tips on tubeless tire repair

“I like to think of these as ‘starter packs,’” continued Bell. “These kits help newer bikepackers cover their bases and learn what they need, with less uncertainty and at a more affordable price compared to building a kit on their own.”

To purchase The Fix it Kit and Tubeless Tire Repair Kit visit exploringwild.com/kits.

About Alissa Bell and Exploring Wild
Alissa Bell has logged over 20,000 miles of bikepacking and outdoor adventures. She created Exploring Wild to share her love of the open road and trail, and to help others go after their boldest adventure dreams. Exploring Wild includes how-to guides, gear reviews, and trip reports along with e-books and emergency essential kits. Bell’s writing has also been featured on several industry leading bikepacking media outlets. Learn more at exploringwild.com and follow Alissa on her new Instagram channel @go.exploringwild.

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