rabbitPRO Kris Brown Wins San Diego 100

June 14th, 2017

rabbitPRO Kris Brown Wins San Diego 100

Santa Barbara, California — It was a double debut for rabbitPRO Kris Brown last weekend, marking his first race since signing with the apparel manufacturer and also his first attempt at the 100 mile distance. Perhaps it was beginner’s luck—or perhaps it was his meticulous preparation—but Brown raced patiently and finished strong, winning the San Diego 100 in an impressive time of 16:59:48.

As Brown recounts in a lively race report, things started on a confusing note, with a spectator misdirecting most of the lead runners less than one mile into the race. The resulting reshuffle saw him temporarily distanced from the leaders, but he took this as a blessing. “Now that I was out of the lead group I had no temptation to worry about anyone’s pace but my own, which had been my goal going into the race.” Biding his time, Brown awaited the notorious Noble Canyon, which would test the racers about 40 miles into the course.

His patience was rewarded, as he used the hot, technical climb to move forward through the pack. Brown took the race lead around mile 70 and never relinquished it, running strong through the end of the race despite a missed aide station connection with his crew that meant several cold hours of running in the dark to finish things off. Happy to have been spared the extreme suffering he experienced during a previous 95 mile race, Brown was pleased with the win and already thinking about the future. “Now that I have one well-executed 100-miler in the bag, I’m excited to get started on a bunch more.”


About rabbit:

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rabbitPRO Kris Brown Wins San Diego 100

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