Picky Bars to Feed the Dream of Olympic Trials Qualifying Athletes

February 18, 2016

Oregon-based energy bar company will assist 100 Olympic Trials qualifying athletes in eating well as they train hard and chase their Olympic dreams leading up to the Olympic Games

In the spirit of supporting athletes that not only strive for greatness, but also give all they have to represent their country, Picky Bars—the Oregon-based energy bar company founded by professional athletes Jesse Thomas, Lauren Fleshman, and Steph Bruce—has launched the Feed the Dream Project.

The Feed the Dream Project, created to support athletes during one of the most rigorous and important times in their athletic careers, will provide 100 Olympic Trials qualifying athletes with a free 24-bar monthly Picky Club membership from March through July a total contribution of $25,000 in donated goods and services. Feed the Dream is open to Olympic Trials qualifiers in any sport, no strings attached, so each athlete can focus on on their goals—training hard, eating well, and chasing their dreams. Athletes interested in participating can apply online now at pickybars.com/feedthedream. Applications are being accepted through Friday, February 26th at 11:59 pm PST.

“As professional athletes ourselves, we know that pursuing high level sports is about more than any one race, and that there is a pull to the Olympic year that makes you extra determined to leave no stone unturned,” said co-founder, CMO, and two-time United States 5K Champion, Lauren Fleshman. “Nutrition is a huge part of preparation, and quality food is freaking expensive. The majority of my racing career, there was no energy bar made of real food that applied sports nutrition principles for performance. Picky Bars is that bar.”

Added co-founder, CEO, and multiple champion triathlete Jesse Thomas, “Picky Bars was founded primarily as way to support, encourage, and connect with athletes, particularly those in underserved sports. We’re proud and stoked to extend that support, particularly during a paramount time in these athletes’ careers.”

“When Lauren and I met in 2008, we were biking in an indoor gym and her 2008 Olympic dream had just been shattered by a broken foot. Mine were just beginning but with an undiagnosed Celiac disease I had no idea the struggles I’d face,” said co-founder and world-class marathoner Steph Bruce. “To find an energy bar that was going to fit my needs with allergies, have ingredients I could pronounce, and taste good was impossible at the time. The dream was to create this for Jesse, for us, and for you, our fearless and adventurous Picky Eaters. Little did we know years down the road we’d be in a spot to now give back to the athletes that we once were. So on your Road to Rio know that Picky Bars is behind you in your quest to recover from training, go for your goals, and enjoy the journey.”

To learn more about the Feed the Dream Project, or to apply, visit pickybars.com/feedthedream.

About the Picky Club

The Feed the Dream Project is a free extension of Picky Bars already existing subscription service, the Picky Club, which offers automatic monthly delivery of 12, 18, or 24 bars and gives customers full control to switch the flavors and number of bars they wish to have delivered to their doorstep. Picky Club memberships are available for purchase to athletes and individuals of all abilities not competing for an Olympic spot at pickybars.com/club.

About Picky Bars

Professional athletes Jesse Thomas, Lauren Fleshman, and Steph Bruce founded Picky Bars in 2010 to meet their nutritional needs while training. A real food bar built for performance, Picky Bars are balanced with a 4:1 carbs to protein ratio, making them the ideal real food alternative for fueling and recovery. Picky Bars also are allergy friendly, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, made with organic ingredients, and 100 percent non-GMO. The athlete-owned business is based in Bend, Ore. Learn more at pickybars.com or follow Picky Bars on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.