Ventum launches on-demand retailer program, set to expand brick-and-mortar presence

May 9, 2024

HEBER CITY, Utah /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Ventum, a previously direct-to-consumer-only bike brand, will launch a customized retail program in 2024, targeting 100 markets in 18 months. The company plans to partner with independent bike shops across the country to sell its high-performance road, gravel, electric, and triathlon bikes.

“Working with bike shops was always in the plan, and we now have the infrastructure to support it,” says founder and CEO Diaa Nour. “We feel that this is the natural evolution of the brand. We also want to help support local bike shops and try to give them another type of opportunity at a time when demand isn’t as strong as it once was.”

Retailers can apply for the new Ventum Retailer Program online or by contacting dealers@ventumracing.com.

As opposed to the traditional ordering model which offers rigid buying windows and requires large commitments, Ventum will offer bike shops a unique on-demand option at industry-leading margins. Retailers will be able to order as many units as desired—either to fill the entire showroom or to customize one build at a time and order it on the spot. Customers will be incentivized to order through the store and pick it up in person by not having to pay the $229 shipping cost charged when ordering online.

“We’ve never been conventional or fit the mold of a typical bike company,” Nour says. “Going into independent bike shops, it’ll be no different. We’re trying to come up with a very creative program that will be greatly beneficial to bike shops. It’s geared towards allowing them to offer Ventum without the burden and stress of carrying incredible amounts of inventory, especially when cash flow is so critical to their operations.”

The custom online shopping experience will remain intact, but Nour believes the in-person option will appeal to more customers. “I think there’s still a segment of cyclists who are skittish about not being able to touch it, feel it, see it,” he says. “Community is also a huge part of Ventum, and that’s hard to focus on when you’re a direct-to-consumer brand. It will be great for the person who enjoys the relationship and physically going into a store.”

In 2023, Ventum launched a pilot program in five markets to test the model. Taking learnings from the test, Nour says the best fits for the brand include boutique or independent shops, bike fitters, or bike-adjacent stores. The brand has hired a Head of Retail to help determine the best partnership opportunities. Interested entities are encouraged to reach out to dealer@ventumracing.com.

“We’re looking for ideal partners in each territory,” Nour says. “The stores will become our partners and authorized Ventum service centers, so if any customers have issues in that region, we try to give them business. We want a true partnership versus selling you as many bikes as possible.”

Prospective retailers can learn more about the Ventum Retailer Program or apply to be a retailer by visiting www.ventumracing.com/dealer-info.


Ventum is a premium carbon fiber bike manufacturer based in Heber City, Utah. Founded in 2014, the brand focuses on performance-oriented design, innovation, and an enhanced customer ride experience. Ventum sells road, gravel, triathlon, and electric bikes, all targeted at the enthusiast segment of the market. The company’s mission is simple: we want more people on bikes.

Customers can learn more about Ventum by visiting www.VentumRacing.com.

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