Ergon SR Tri Series – Unleash Your Power Position

May 9, 2024

Ergon launches four new saddles in collaboration with Jan Frodeno, Imogen Simmonds

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The German ergonomics specialist Ergon is launching four triathlon saddles that help to make triathletes faster thanks to the revolutionary Power Position system. The Ergon SR Tri series was developed for maximum performance and enhanced comfort.

Through extensive research, the Koblenz-based Ergon team — in collaboration with Olympic and three-time Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno and two-time Ironman European Champion Laura Philipp — has developed four saddles in the SR Tri Series with its revolutionary Power Position system, which divides athletes into two types of sitting positions – Front and Mid. The physiological advantages of the power position are immediately noticeable – less muscle fatigue and better performance, not only on the bike, but also on the run.

“Thanks to the Ergon SR Tri Men Mid, I can consistently push harder in the aero position, while minimizing fatigue so that I have a better transition to running,” confirms Frodeno.

More power on the bike and while running

“Pressure reduction in the genital area is extremely difficult to achieve for both men and women, as the contact points between rider and saddle are much smaller and more intense in the aero position, which significantly increases the pressure on the sensitive areas in the crotch,” explains Simon Schumacher, Head of Ergonomics at Ergon. “We designed the SR Tri with a flattened nose to allow athletes to make tiny movements while in the aero position. This allows riders to vary the distribution of pressure over longer riding durations, which reduces muscle fatigue – including in the lower back area. This, in turn, allows triathletes to ride longer in the aero position without pain and better mobility once up and running after transition two.”

The Power Position system

Since the typical approach of different saddle widths is irrelevant with an extremely forward-leaning aero position, Ergon delivers the perfect saddle shapes for better performance with its new Power Position system.

The SR Tri Men Front and SR Tri Women Front are specially crafted for riders who significantly tilt their pelvis forward – with a flatter back – placing more pressure on the front seating area. SR Tri Front saddle has a wider and shorter saddle nose – with saddle nose widths of 54mm and 53mm for women and men, respecitely – giving the saddle a noticeable V-shape.

Ergon triathlete Jan Stratmann, who was third in the 2023 Ironman 70.3 World Championship, agrees: “Since I sit very far forward on the saddle, especially during races, the SR Tri Front with its wider nose gives me more riding stability, which allows me to put more power in the pedals. Thanks to the SR Tri’s improved comfort, it’s easier for me to hold my aerodynamic position longer, with less back pain, and thus, go faster from T1 to the finish.”

The SR Tri Mid saddles, on the other hand, are designed for athletes who tilt their pelvis forward less. They will have more of a rounded lower back and position their weight on the middle seating area of the saddle. The SR Men Mid and Women saddles has a slightly narrower and longer nose, allowing the riders more freedom of movement.

The aspects described here are explained in detail by Simon Schumacher here in this.


Gender-specific for women and men

Ergonomics is both the foundation and the top priority in research and development at Ergon. We work closely with the world’s best athletes to develop tailor-made solutions for all cycling disciplines. Especially when it comes to saddles, we pay attention to the different needs of women and men. Therefore, the SR Tri saddles are ergonomically adapted to the male and female anatomy, which creates a strong benefit for the athletes, especially for a more aggressive upper body position and a tilted pelvis.

Long-Distance Comfort for a Pain-Free Ride

The Ergon SR Tri has a pressure relieving Orthopedic Comfort Foam for maximum long-distance comfort. – because longer pain-free sitting leads directly to better performance. SR Tri Men and SR Tri Women models incorporate unique shapes, specific Orthopedic Comfort Foam densities, and cut-out channels that create homogenous pressure distribution and reduce genital numbness.

The SR Tri Women Front and Mid models both incorporate 3D printed inserts in the forward area of the relief channel. This enhances the nose area with a lightweight, softer, secondary supportive material. This allows female athletes, who have a more sensitive forward pubic area, to maintain the aero position more consistently over the duration of an Iron-distance event.

Best Posture — Best Performance

The compact saddle shapes, specially adapted to triathlon use, allow the legs improved ergonomics when pedaling. – using energy efficiently for more power and improved endurance. In addition, the large muscle groups of the back and legs tire less quickly under the high stress. This benefits not only when cycling, but also when transitioning to the run.

SR Tri features:

Less muscle fatigue and more performance thanks to:

  • Ergonomically optimized to the male and female anatomy in an aggressive aero position with a more tilted pelvis
  • Ergon Orthopedic Comfort Foam for maximum performance over long distances
  • TiNox rails for reduced weight and vibration absorbtion
  • 3D printed insert in both Women saddles delivers enhanced support and comfort
  • Reduced back fatigue and improved pedaling ergonomics
  • Improved transition to running through dynamic sitting and optimized pedaling ergonomics
  • Made in Europe
  • Available globally from specialist retailers and on Ergonbike.Shop in the USA
  • ergonbike.com/en/product/?a=saettel#srtri-series
  • SR Tri Men
    • Saddle Nose Width: Front 53mm, Mid 48mm
    • Length: Front 240mm, Mid 232mm
    • Weight: Front: 220g, Mid 205g
  • SR Tri Women
    • Saddle Nose Width: Front 54mm, Mid 49mm
    • Length: Front 240mm, Mid 233mm
    • Weight: Front 215g, Mid 230g
  • MSRP: $249.95, €249,95, £224,99