Alanic Activewear Launches New 2020 Men’s Line

July 25, 2019

Alanic Athleticwear has launched its 2020 Men’s Line of athleisure wear, its first since 2019.

Alanic Athleticwear has launched its 2020 Men’s Line of athleisure wear, its first since 2019.

The line features a variety of new prints, colors, and styles including moisture-wicking Hydrolite Technology fabrics that help keep you dry and comfortable throughout your workout. Each piece is lightweight, allowing for optimal cooling and is designed with curved seams to fit all sizes.

Alanic Founder Johnny Beig calls the line “innovative, fashionable, versatile, and another step forward in athletic wear that can be worn anywhere, anytime.”

Coined “Alanic 2020,” the new line features both short and long sleeve options, pants, tank tops, and outerwear. Trendy neutral tones like olive green, dark grey, and plum are prominent throughout the collection, along with faux leather shoulder panels for a trendy and masculine design aesthetic.

“Alanic’s new line will not only provide you with the best technology – but it will also let you look great while working out, or on a run. The 2020 line gives you workout wear in the form of fashionable casual wear, something that the market has been missing,” said Kim Kangärde, Business Development Manager for Alanic.

Alanic’s 2020 Women’s Line is expected to launch later this year.

About Alanic: 

Alanic offers innovative designs and technologies in each piece they create. The brand is not just for men and women who wish to flaunt their assets, but for customers who want to feel comfortable and on-trend while still having the flexibility necessary in any piece of activewear

In addition to sweat-inducing technology, Alanic offers many options for men and women who want to enhance their fitness regimen without making drastic changes to their routine.

Alanic works with hundreds of major marathons across the United States and world. They have worked with the Los Angeles Clippers, Super Bowl, and Seattle Seahawks, as well as Marshawn Lynch’s “Beastmode” brand and Justin Bieber’s “Drew House.”

For more information, visit www.Alanic.com