Trust Performance Establishes Distribution Partnership in New Zealand

September 24, 2019

KRD Imports Ltd named as the official distribution partner of Trust Performance suspension in New Zealand.

(Salt Lake City, UT – September 24, 2019) – Trust Performance, innovators in suspension technology, announced today a partnership with KRD Imports Ltd to distribute Trust Performance’s suspension technology in New Zealand. Starting in October, dealers will be able to place orders for both of Trust Performance’s multi-link front suspension platforms, the 130mm Message as well as the brand new 178mm Shout.

“Getting connected with KRD and solidifying our distribution in Oceania is a big accomplishment for us,” commented Trust Performance Global Sales Manager, Rob Aguero. “We weren’t in a hurry to do it; finding the right partner was always key and KRD’s experience pairs well with what we’re trying to accomplish. We definitely feel it was worth the wait and we’re extremely excited to get rolling with them.”

ith more than 25 years in the bike business, KRD has grown its reputation for service and an honest commitment to its products and brands. Servicing more than 150 bike shops nationwide, KRD takes great pride in offering the services and support that cycle shops have grown to expect. Before KRD became the official distributor for Trust Performance in New Zealand, Trust’s Australian distributor Bikesportz acted as the interim distributor.

“The future of front suspension needs to move forward and what Trust is doing marks the start of something new and exciting in mountain bike suspension,” remarked Mark Dickson. “The technical knowledge that Trust is bringing to the market is the new benchmark. Kiwis love performance and what Trust is doing with Message and Shout fits perfectly.”

In 2018, Trust Performance launched Message, its first multi-link front suspension platform offering trail riders 130mm of contour travel. In September 2019, Trust introduced Shout, a platform offering 178mm of contour travel for aggressive trail and enduro riders. Unlike traditional front suspension, Trust Performance multi-link suspension incorporates a leverage ratio, allowing the front of the mountain bike to realize the benefits that full suspension bikes have enjoyed for years. When encountering an obstacle, the front wheel moves back and up simultaneously instead of only in line with the steering axis. And because mechanical trail measurements actually increase as the suspension moves through its travel, the rider experiences noticeably improved traction, added stability, and more predictable handling in a wide variety of trail conditions.

Dealers and riders from New Zealand interested in Trust Performance should now contact KRD directly for all of their inquiries at [email protected].  Distributors in other countries with interest in partnership opportunities are encouraged to contact Trust Performance’s Global Sales Manager, Rob Aguero, at [email protected]

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About Trust Performance

Trust Performance is a suspension design company founded by industry innovators Dave Weagle, Jason Schiers and Hap Seliga. Its operations, design and engineering staff are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah while manufacturing and assembly take place at its own production facility in Taichung, Taiwan. More information can be found at www.trustperformance.com.