La Jolla Half Marathon Partners with HydraPak® and WaterMonster to Go Waste Free, Ditches Disposable Cups

May 14, 2024

An estimated 50,000 plastic and paper cups will be diverted from landfills

OAKLAND, Calif. (May 14, 2024)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – In partnership with HydraPak®, global leader of high-performance hydration solutions, and water delivery services provider, WaterMonster, the La Jolla Half Marathon and 5K is excited to announce that it will remove disposable cups and transition to HydraPak’s reusable SpeedCup at this year’s race. The event’s race-day sustainability strategy is a zero-waste hydration model that will eliminate disposable cups, provide all racers with a HydraPak SpeedCup™, and minimize potential course disruptions for runners.

As one of the larger-scale road races in the country, HydraPak and event organizers will be providing performance gear and information on preparedness to approximately 7,000 runners as they transition to eco-friendly running.

“We couldn’t be happier to have HydraPak partnering with us this year,” said Race Director and Kiwanian, Bart Calame. “Their innovative and entrepreneurial approach to eliminating needless trash at not only running events, but really all outdoor events is such a simple change to implement from our perspective, plus it streamlines our water stations for more efficient delivery of water to runners. We are proud to be one of the races pushing for changes like this!”

Based in San Diego, California, the race will offer 10 water stations outfitted with WaterMonster’s innovative high-flow, fast-dispensing manifold hydration systems. Every hydration station will have trained volunteers utilizing HydraPak SpeedFill pitchers to support runners’ fast fueling, offering both water and electrolyte drinks. As hydration is the top concern, all 10 water stations will have replacement SpeedCups. The finish line will also have a WaterMonster hydration system instead of plastic disposable bottles.

Every participant will receive a limited-edition, customized HydraPak SpeedCup™ that can be easily carried, quickly stashed in a vest, waistband, wristwatch and/or clipped to apparel. Additionally, before hitting the course, HydraPak ambassador Tina Muir and brand team members will be in attendance throughout the weekend to engage with runners about running sustainably and offer resources on best practices, including visuals of each aid station, tutorials of how to hold a cup, opportunities to sample a WaterMonster dispensing system, and a walk-through of a SpeedFill pitcher table.

“We’ve talked to runners across the country, and many are willing to make the switch to carrying their own hydration,” said HydraPak VP of Marketing, Jennifer Krupey. “Supporting races like La Jolla helps illustrate how larger-scale races can support waste-eliminating events. We think HydraPak is uniquely positioned to help race organizers make the transition and hope that they’ll view us as a resource in their journey to become more sustainable.”

HydraPak will share waste-eliminating findings and race day support materials on its website as a public resource for race organizers.

To learn more about the La Jolla Half Marathon and 5K’s sustainability efforts, visit lajollahalfmarathon.com. Please visit HydraPak to explore products and initiatives that are helping race events go cupless and stay up-to-date with findings from the event.

About La Jolla Half Marathon & 5K

Hosted by the La Jolla Kiwanis Foundation, the La Jolla Half Marathon & 5K is one of San Diego California’s most picturesque and beautiful point-to-point races. The scenic coastal course offers runners the rare opportunity to run from the Del Mar Fairgrounds south along San Diego’s coastline and through Torrey Pines State Park, ending in La Jolla Scripps Cove Park. As its primary annual fundraising event, La Jolla Kiwanis Foundation raises hundreds of thousands of dollars through their La Jolla Half Marathon and 5K race. This money is then distributed through the Foundation’s annual grant cycle to dozens of charitable organizations throughout San Diego and beyond, all supporting children in need in our communities.

About HydraPak® Products

HydraPak® is the leading original equipment manufacturer of reservoirs and soft flasks globally. Founded in Northern California, the company is dedicated to producing flexible and durable hydration products tailored for recreational, athletic, and military use. HydraPak’s proprietary brands, including Polar Bottle® squeeze water bottles and Bottle Bright® cleaning tablets, are category leaders. Over the past 20 years, HydraPak has not only pioneered new product categories but has also become a trusted partner for hundreds of renowned global brands and athletes.

About Water Monster

WaterMonster is a leader in mass hydration solutions. Founded in 2009, our products are proudly made here in the US just north of Dallas TX.. The patented WaterMonster tank holds 125-gallons of drinking water, equal to 1,000 water bottles. Its lightweight, stackable design allows for multiple tanks to be stored in a small footprint. Our optional accessories allow you to increase the versatility. We offer water filters, food grade fill hoses, float valves, WATER flags, cup dispensers, custom banner wraps and a water manifold system with high flow water dispensers. This manifold system was designed to offer self-serving water aid stations for running races, or any other high traffic situations. WaterMonster continues to innovate hydration solutions for all types of outdoor events worldwide.


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