Freestak PEAK Influencer Marketing Conference for endurance sports and outdoors brands

September 19, 2019

Freestak announces the launch of the PEAK conference helping brands in run, cycle and outdoors understand the influencer marketing opportunities

Freestak, a specialist influencer agency for the run, cycle, outdoors and snow sports sectors, has announced an afternoon conference on Tuesday 29 September in central London that will focus on excellence in influencer marketing within the sport, outdoor and endurance sector.

Influencers and ambassadors are one of the hottest topics in marketing for sports brands today. The challenge is that the concept of influencer marketing is changing fast and for many brands, working out the potential value. This conference will address how influencer marketing has changed, the ways in which brands can take advantage of the opportunity it presents and some ideas for the future.

PEAK is for anyone interested in starting to work more effectively with influencers and improving your existing collaborations. Or for those keen to hear from some of the brightest lights in the business.

Simon Freeman, Freestak CEO says: “The way that influencer marketing has shifted in recent years, and the speed with which those changes have occurred, is undoubtedly exciting and presents many opportunities. But potentially also adds complexity for marketers trying to get to grips with all the different ways that they are able to engage with their target audiences.

“So we have set up the PEAK conference to look at how the landscape has changed since we launched the Freestak platform three years ago. We will also provide actionable advice for brands looking to take their influencer and ambassador programmes to the next level. And discuss what the future might hold in store for marketing departments in the run, cycle, outdoors and snow sports sectors.”

Topics being covered at the Freestak PEAK conference include:

  • Ambassadors vs. influencers: more and more brands are creating ambassador teams. This is resulting in less influencers being available. So how do you find the right people to represent your brand from a limited pool to choose from?
  • To pay or not to pay: good influencers are increasingly in demand and the limited supply means the question of payment is at the forefront of many discussions. We’ll look at how to work out when to pay and if you do, how much.
  • The rise and fall of social channels: Instagram is undoubtedly key to many brands’ influencer campaigns. But emerging options – for example Strava – can perhaps offer better results. We look at where brands should be focusing their attention.
  • Future trends – we’ll look at what could be coming next for influencer marketing with a panel of experts including brand marketers, influencers and ambassadors.

The aim of PEAK Conference is to allow attendees to learn from brands and influencers who are delivering great results.  There will also be presentations on how excellence has been achieved by industry leaders. We will be announcing more exciting speakers in the coming days.

Finally to end the day, Freestak will host a networking session for brands to meet and chat with colleagues from the running, cycling, triathlon and outdoors industries, as well as key influencers in these sectors from around the world.

When:             Thursday 29th October 2019

Where:            Events @ No.6, 6 Alie Street, Aldgate, London, E1 8DD

Time:               2pm – 7pm (including refreshments and networking)

Brands can book early to take advantage of a special early bird price until the 4th October by going to http://www.peak-conference.com/peak-2019-for-brands/


Freestak is a specialist influencer platform that allows brands to connect with influencers and content creators in running, cycling, triathlon, snow sports and the outdoors. Collectively the team at Freestak has decades of experience in this sector which means we are able to deliver agency expertise alongside platform technology to transform the way brands work with influencers. Through the Freestak platform it is possible to find the most relevant influencers for any brand’s project, manage campaigns and measure the results, producing reports at the click of a button.