At Thirtyeight Partners with Leading Dutch Entertainment Company, Fjuze, on the same day as launching the world’s first drone show, “AIR”

February 12th, 2015

Strategic Partnership Provides The Event Industry with New Leading Experiences and Expansion Opportunities Around the World.

London, 12th February 2015. AT Thirtyeight announces its strategic partnership with leading event entertainment group, Fjuze, from the Netherlands. Plans are to focus on event development and global expansion of leading and innovative new event experiences. This partnership combines the global commercial and strategic capabilities of the AT Thirtyeight team with the leading creative entertainment production experience of Fjuze. On the same day, AT Thirtyeight announced its formation as a new company focuseding on helping leading global event companies develop their commercial opportunities around the world. At Thirtyeight markets will sit within the sports, experiential/MOB and festival events.

“Our strategy is clear, to help support event organisers’ commercial opportunities with the next generation of event experiences around the world. We must continue to push the limits of entertainment and commercial possibilities within the sports experiential and festival event industry. Consumers deserve the very best experience and we must drive new innovations to engage and inspire more people, as well as build strong commercial assets for businesses. For these reasons, we are very proud and excited to partner with “Fjuze”. We look forward to the enormous opportunity to develop and expand their cool ideas around the world,” said Keith Williams, Founder and CEO of At Thirtyeight

“We aim to create the highest level of entertainment possible and reach new levels of event experiences. As a company our vision and mission is to bring the “new”, “never Seen before”, “the first, the best” and be known as the world’s leaders in entertainment. Our partnership with “AT Thirtyeight” is our opportunity to realise global event development and expansion to reach more consumers and to work with more great event partners around the world. On this same day, we live up to our commitment and are proud to announce the world’s first Drone Entertainment Show, namely “AIR”. The partnership with AT Thirtyeight is another powerful way we are living up to our promise of innovation and sharing experiences with the world,” said Klaas Rohde, CEO of Fjuze.

About AT Thirtyeight We are the event strategist, rights manager and creation house behind the greatest experiences that impact and define living. Our customers are event organisations and production companies. We add value by helping develop, expand, manage and protect the event experience and brand while still maximising commercial opportunities. Our assets are market insight, data, years of experience and the leading event partner network. We do this on a local or global level. At Thirtyeight’s mission and passion is to be the global leaders in developing and making the greatest events come alive across the world. For more information visit or connect with us on Linkedin and Facebook

About Fjuze Fjuze is a creative concept and event production delivery organization. Fjuze imagines, creates and organizes its own concepts and develops and organizes concepts in collaboration with third parties. In addition, Fjuze purchases overseas licenses for Netherlands and neighbouring European countries. A unique combination that makes Fjuze has extensive experience as a concept developer and organizer, as well as the a production- activation partner. For more information visit and connect with us on Facebook

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