2018 Powerade Monterrey Marathon in Mexico seeks certification of responsible event production practices from the Council for Responsible Sport

December 3rd, 2018

EUGENE, December 3, 2018 — For the first time, the Powerade Monterrey Marathon in Monterrey, Mexico to be held Sunday, December 9, 2018 is on the chase for a prize it hopes will help further distinguish it as one of the most professional and desirable marathons in Mexico, official certification from the Council for Responsible Sport (Council) for social and environmentally responsible best practices.

The process of becoming certified is robust, including pre-event communication and planning requirements, an on-site evaluation by a third-party sustainability professional, and rigorous post-event performance reporting. Organizers will track, report and be evaluated on a broad spectrum of indicators in five categories including: planning and communication, procurement, resource management, access and equity, and community legacy.

“This edition of the Marathon aims to deliver an event of excellent quality, while making unprecedented efforts for social responsibility,” said Rodolfo Tijerina, Executive Director of the marathon. “We promote shared responsibility between organizers, sponsors, authorities and participants to deliver a marathon that is friendly to the environment and the community.”

“From how and what they’re communicating, to purchases made, to the social and environmental impacts of actions such as waste produced and diverted from the landfill, greenhouse gas emissions from event operations, and efforts to include groups from the community; organizers will likely admit that the standards are robust. They must demonstrate a high level of administrative sophistication and the ability to get the job done in a safe way that minimizes natural resource usage while leaving the community a better place than before the event occurred.” Said Shelley Villalobos, managing director of the Council for Responsible Sport.

Organizers have created a strategic sustainability plan that details efforts across the five categories they’ll be judged on. Commitments include:

  • Creation and implementation of a purchasing policy guiding vendors and suppliers towards ‘greener’ choices with specific requirements and guidance
  • A pre-event communication plan including a ‘Green Race’ page on the event website detailing efforts and inviting participation with tips runners can use to minimize their own environmental impacts
  • Equal opportunity for, and contracting with women and minority owned businesses
  • A goal of 60 percent diversion of waste generated from the landfill, with results to be reported after the event
  • Plastic water bottles to be given to participants are made of 100% recycled PET plastic and will be collected for further recycling
  • A charity runner program was established to work with twelve selected charities and NGOs to raise funds and awareness for their causes. Organizers will track and report final totals of raised and donated funds after the event
  • A 4.2 Kilometer ‘mini marathon’ will host 1,500 participants of all ages. Scholarship entries are available (call 81-1095-2380)
  • An interactive booth at the fitness exhibition, ‘Mi Gran Planeta’ (‘My Great Planet’), will educate and drive further awareness of critical environmental issues amongst visitors

Only one other marathon in Mexico has ever earned responsible sport certification, the Mexico City Marathon (Evergreen level, 2018), while over 160 events in eight countries have proven their systems and strategies to earn certification since the Council was founded in 2008.

About the Powerade Monterrey Marathon

The 13th edition of the Powerade Monterrey Marathon will occur in Monterrey, Mexico at Parque Fundidora on Sunday, December 9, 2018. The event is co-organized by the Association of Runner Clubs of Nuevo León and Arca Continental, a Mexican beverage manufacturing and distribution company headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico. The route guides runners through the scenic streets of Monterrey, nestled against the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range in northeastern Mexico. A ‘mini marathon’, also planned for Sunday, December 9, invites 1,500 youth and their guardians to run, walk or roll 4.2 kilometers at any pace. www.maratonmonterrey.mx

About the Council for Responsible Sport

The Council’s vision is a world where responsibly produced sports events are the norm and its mission is to provide objective, independent verification of the socially and environmentally responsible work event organizers are doing and to actively support event organizers who strive to make a difference in their communities. The current version of the Council’s Certification standards (v.4.2) was developed by an outside working group of both sustainability and sport industry experts, reviewed by a wide range of stakeholders throughout 2013 and implemented in January 2014. www.CouncilforResponsibleSport.org

Media may contact

Shelley Villalobos, Managing Director, Council for Responsible Sport

Shelley@councilforresponsiblesport.org, (530) 570-2526

Council for Responsible Sport

2018 Powerade Monterrey Marathon in Mexico seeks certification of responsible event production practices from the Council for Responsible Sport

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Shelley Villalobos

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