TriDot’s Ground-Breaking “PhysiogenomiX” Integrates Athlete Genetics into Training Optimization

November 19, 2019

Southlake, Texas – TriDot, the triathlon training optimization application of Predictive Fitness, has just launched PhysiogenomiX, an industry-disrupting, genetics module that further enhances training optimization.

This never-before-attempted inclusion of genetic data into triathlon training optimization is in keeping with TriDot’s mission of delivering the sport’s most comprehensive and efficient triathlon training using athlete data, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence, which they’ve been doing for more than 15 years.

According to Jeff Booher, TriDot’s founder and CEO, “The intelligence we now have from this data has a huge impact on predicting and analyzing outcomes from training/racing, optimizing training, and managing injury risk and recovery. It’s never been done before at this level.”

For the past four years, TriDot has been researching and developing the technology to optimize training based on an athlete’s genome, which is the genetic information determining how the athlete will respond to training, adapt, and grow. This genetic information has significant impact on an athlete’s:

  • Training Response,
  • Aerobic Potential,
  • Recovery Rate, and
  • Injury Predisposition.

Here’s how it works: Athletes order a DNA collection kit and submit their genetic samples for genotyping from 23andMe or Ancestry.com. Athletes then download their raw genome file from 23andMe or Ancestry and upload it to TriDot, who utilizes the variants in an athlete’s genome to optimize the athlete’s training and further deliver on its promise to provide better results in less time with fewer injuries.

Booher continues, “TriDot is not just ‘making recommendations’ based on an athlete’s genetics, we’re actually using athlete genomes to optimize their training. That means we’re able to more precisely prescribe training for each athlete and better analyze results.  We’ve been able to give our athletes far better results than they could otherwise achieve for some time now.  The inclusion of genetics into training optimization takes it to another level.”

You can find out more about at PhysiogenomiX at: www.tridot.com/genetics/

About TriDot:

TriDot is an optimization application that is the obvious and automatic choice for triathlon training. It uses athlete’s biometrics, genetics, and training data; more than a decade and a half of data from tens of thousands of triathletes; and its own proprietary big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to design and optimize training for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and performance levels. Producing greater results in up to 30% less training time and with 2.9x less injury risk than human-designed training, TriDot delivers results that are predictable, repeatable, and otherwise unattainable. Monthly subscription plans range from $9.99 to $249.  Learn more at http://www.tridot.com/.

About Predictive Fitness:

Predictive Fitness is a Dallas, Texas-based technology company that uses big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to prescribe and optimize health and fitness activities for individuals based on their individual biometrics, genetics, and activity data. It has been analyzing health and fitness data from tens of thousands of users since 2005, constantly refining its analytical and prescriptive capabilities. Its initial web-based service, TriDot, optimizes triathlon training for athletes of all performance levels delivering maximum performance gains in the least amount of time while minimizing injury risk.

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