TriDot Integrates Garmin Health Data into Triathlon Training Optimization

October 1, 2019

TriDot recently launched its integration with Garmin Health to incorporate athlete health data such as detailed daily stress, sleep, and heart rate data into its optimization algorithms.

For the past decade and a half, TriDot has been using big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to optimize triathlon training programs for triathletes worldwide. As fitness devices continue to gather an ever increasing amount of athlete data, TriDot’s technology is able to further optimize training for individual athletes.

Athletes now have the opportunity to track more than 45 daily metrics from Garmin Health within the TriDot application in addition to activity data from their swim, bike, run, and strength workouts. Health data is used to modify individual athlete’s training and allows TriDot further enhance its analytics engine from the intelligence gathered.

“Our long-term relationship with Garmin has been wonderful.  They continue to lead the way in providing highly accurate devices and reliable data integrations,” says Jeff Booher, Predictive Fitness CEO.  He continues, “This next level of data integration with Garmin Health allows us to get even more out of our optimization engine.  I’m so eager to begin tracking the incremental performance gains we’ll be able to deliver for our users.”

TriDot has a long proven track record of using its technology to design optimized training programs that maximize athletes’ potential while keeping them healthy. The inclusion of Garmin health data further delivers on TriDot’s promise to produce better results in fewer training hours with lower injury risk.

About TriDot

TriDot is a triathlon training optimization application that is fast becoming the obvious and automatic choice for triathlon training. It uses each athlete’s biometrics and training data along with its own proprietary big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to design and optimize training.

Leveraging more than a decade and a half of data from tens of thousands of triathletes, TriDot is able to optimize training for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and performance levels.  It produces substantially greater results in up to 30% less training time and with 2.9x less injury risk than human-designed training, which is based on theory, personal philosophies, and trial & error. TriDot delivers results that are predictable, repeatable, and otherwise unattainable.

TriDot is a performance science of Predictive Fitness, LLC and offers monthly subscriptions ranging from $9.99 to $249.  Learn more at http://www.tridot.com/.

About Predictive Fitness

Predictive Fitness is a Dallas, Texas based technology company that uses big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to prescribe and optimize health and fitness activities for individuals based on their individual biometrics and activity data. It has been analyzing health and fitness data from tens of thousands of users since 2005, constantly refining its analytical and prescriptive capabilities.  Its initial web-based service, TriDot, optimizes triathlon training for athletes of all performance levels delivering maximum performance gains in the least amount of time while minimizing injury risk.

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