Spreading Holiday Cheer Through Charity

November 19, 2018

It’s common practice to incorporate some form of charitable giving into race events, and during the winter holiday season, this is an easy way to make your event go deeper than just a race.

Here are a few charity ideas to set your race apart.

  • Organize a food or clothing drive for race day. Partner with a food bank or local shelter who will have their own barrels to bring for collection purposes. Include information in your race registration that all participants should bring at least one item to donate. The non-profit can take the collected items with them directly after the event is over. After the race, you can send a follow-up email congratulating participants on how much food they donated or how many items were given to the charity.
  • Let participants use the race to fundraise. At ACTIVE Network, we call this “fundracing.” Encourage registrants to get pledges from their friends and family members to fundraise for the charity. Our event management software leverages CrowdRise, a third-party tool to help you integrate fundraising with race registrations to make this a simple process (http://www.activegiving.com/). This solution can help your participants rally around a cause and get more of their friends to participate in the event.
  • Donate a portion of your race proceeds to the charity. This is a great way to help get athletes who are interested in charitable giving but are wary of having to do extra work around the race beyond training. They’ll be donating automatically by signing up, and won’t have to do extra fundraising or gather items to donate beyond that. They feel good, the charity feels good you feel good.
  • Have the charity onsite the day of the race. They should be helping you advertise the race throughout your registration period, but having your chosen non-profit onsite the day of the event is immensely helpful in generating buzz among their donors and employees. It also gives your fundraising or other charitable giving a deeper value to race participants, as they’ll be able to see who they’re giving to. Have a leader from the organization kick off the race or give a quick speech regarding the charity to help promote their cause.

Charitable giving is worth it on its own, and incorporating it into your race or event can help bring more registrants and give a deeper meaning to your race day.

You can download our free Charity Partnership Agreement here (http://www.activeendurance.com/blog/2012/10/30/charity-partnership-agreement/