RunSignup Launches Annual Alan Jones Timer Award

March 21, 2019

New Award to Recognize Exceptional Race Timer

March 21, 2019 – Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup announces the new annual Alan Jones Timer Award to recognize an industry race timer who has made a significant impact on improving the race industry. Named in honor of Alan Jones, an  innovative contributor to the endurance racing and timing community, the Alan Jones Timer Award will acknowledge those who have proactively improved the race community. As the backbone of the race industry, timers have the opportunity to guide race organizers toward innovation and to elevate the experience for participants and spectators. Selection for the Alan Jones Timer Award is based on nominations received that illustrate a race timer who has shown exceptional efforts to improve the industry.

Alan Jones has significantly propelled change within the endurance community starting with his first scoring a race in 1970 in real-time with a terminal connected to an IBM Mainframe.  Jones invented the eponymous Jones Counter in 1971 to measure courses accurately. In 1973, at age nine, his son, Clain Jones, began manufacturing and distributing the Jones Counter. The device has since had a profound and lasting effect on the industry. The Jones Counter continues to be the industry’s standard measuring device for courses and is used for all official USATF and IAAF course certification and Olympic marathons. His premier scoring software, RunScore, first debuted in October 1985 and has since provided results to more finishers than any other software in the industry. In addition to these contributions, Jones developed and maintained age grading with Rex Harvey of the World Masters Athletics and has worked to improve the sport at every level as a runner, race director, timer, running club president, and innovator throughout his life.

“I am really pleased to be part of this effort to honor timers. While I sit at home writing software, they are out on the firing line week after week in very stressful situations. If something goes terribly wrong, they can’t ask the runners to go out and run the race again! This industry has had a tremendous impact on my life and on the lives of countless others,” said Alan Jones, Founder of RunScore and Inventor of the Jones Counter.

Nominations for the Alan Jones Timer Award can be submitted to Submissions should include: the timer’s name, company name, and an explanation, including specific examples, of the impact the nominee has made on a specific race, the participant experience, or the industry as a whole. The winner of the Alan Jones Timer Award will be announced at RunSignup’s annual Summer Symposium to be held this year, July 15-17, in Philadelphia, PA. The awarded timer will receive an award plaque with a mounted Jones Counter and travel expense coverage to attend the symposium. Nominations for the 2019 Alan Jones Timer Award are due by June 1, 2019. One timer will be awarded each year.

“We decided to introduce this award after a conversation around the impressive innovation a single man, Alan Jones, has brought to this industry. It is truly amazing the lasting and wide spanning impact Alan has had over the years. Timers are often overlooked for the tremendous efforts and tireless commitment they have for the industry. We are hoping to change that by recognizing the change agents in the industry and, in conjunction, recognize someone I personally admire the dedication, entrepreneurship, and self-sacrifice he has devoted to our industry,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup.

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