Maurten Launches Unbranded Product Range for Athletes Sponsored by Other Brands

July 10, 2019

Swedish tech start-up makes it possible for athletes signed by other brands to use their products – without risking sponsor deals.

GÖTEBORG, SE, July 10 – Many of the best endurance athletes in the world are sponsored by big sports drink and sports nutrition companies. Swedish sports tech start-up Maurten claims that many of the sponsored athletes, in fact, use its hydrogel based products, even if they have contracts with competing brands.

By removing all branding on the packaging – eliminating text, logos and change the product names, Maurten wants to minimize contractual risks for the elite athletes that are sponsored by other brands.

“Since we started, athletes sponsored by other brands have used our products. There are many athletes out there who everyday rely on our technology. They’ve bought our products in stores or through our website – but it has always been risky for them to use our branded products, especially in competition. Now, they don’t have to worry,” says Olof Sköld, CEO of Maurten.

The Maurten Unofficial product range consist of the company’s existing hydrogel technology based products, but the packaging is brand neutral. The development of the unbranded range kicked off, after athletes sponsored by other brands expressed a wish for neutral products that wouldn’t pose a risk to their sponsor contracts.

“No one should have to spend time on hiding their Maurten, so we simply removed the logo to make it easier for anyone to use our products. No matter what nutrition you officially say you prefer. When you use our product, you´re part of our unofficial team. We’re really proud of what we have accomplished together and have no problem with their official sponsors getting some shine on our behalf. We just want to help the athletes.” Sköld continues.

The company officially works with some of the best endurance athletes in the world – and according to the company, the list of paying customers is almost equally impressive.

“We work with one UCI World Tour Team, officially. But, there are at least ten teams riding the Tour de France right now that are using our products, unofficially. If you look at triathlon or ultra-running, there’s the same situation – we officially work with a few of the elites, but many out of the top 10’s have Maurten in their bottles. We want to make life easier for all athletes that are relying on the hydrogel technology.” says Olof Sköld.

The company doesn’t expect the general consumer or non-elite athlete to go for the unbranded products. The vast majority will go for the regular range. But Sköld is convinced that the new products will fly off the shelf.

“The number of elite athletes in one market might not be that large. But the range will be available in both the US and the EU – and together, the number of elite athletes is quite substantial. And they all consume a lot of energy. We know that there’s a real demand out there – this isn’t just marketing,” says Olof Sköld.

About the Maurten Unofficial range

The ingredients in the unofficial range are the same as in their counterparts in the existing product range. All of the products are based on natural Hydrogel Technology and don’t include any colorants or preservatives. The products are vegan. The Unofficial range consist of the following products: 

Unofficial Drink Mix 160, is built on hydrogel technology. Instantly converts to a hydrogel in the stomach and enables a smooth transport of the energy. Designed with both energy and hydration in mind. One serving contains 40 grams of carbohydrates. Priced at $42 per box (18 servings)

Unofficial Drink Mix 320, is built on hydrogel technology. Instantly converts to a hydrogel in the stomach and enables a smooth transport of the energy. The world’s most carbohydrate-rich sports drink. Widely used by the best runners in the world. 80 grams of carbohydrates per serving.  Priced at $48 per box (14 servings)

Unofficial GEL 100, carbohydrates capsulated in a natural hydrogel. Built with six ingredients – no added colorants, preservatives or flavors. 25g of carbohydrates per serving. It’s priced at $43.20 per box (12 servings)

The Maurten Unofficial range will be available in North America and Europe through

About Maurten
Maurten is a sports nutrition company that in 2017 introduced natural hydrogel technology as a way to improve sports fuels. The company have since 2016 fueled 20 major Marathon wins in a row and Eliud Kipchoge’s 2 hours and 25 seconds marathon during the Nike Breaking2 Project. Last year, the company launched the GEL 100 – the world’s first gel based on hydrogel technology. The new product was used by Eliud Kipchoge when he set a new marathon WR in September 2018. Other Maurten ambassadors includes Sir Mo Farah, Jan Frodeno, Kenenisa Bekele, Mary Keitany, Daniel Wanjiru, EF Education Pro Cycling Team and Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur. The company is based in Göteborg, Sweden.


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