Best Bike Split (BBS) Splits from TrainingPeaks

February 10, 2022

Best Bike Splits’ original co-founder Rich Harpel re-acquires the company after 7 years

Austin, TX (Feb. 10, 2022) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Best Bike Split was formed in 2013 with the idea of helping cyclists, triathletes and their coaches to find the fastest possible way to race any course on any day in any conditions. Since founding the company BBS algorithms and software have become the standard for professional tour teams, IRONMAN® world champions, Olympic gold medalists, as well as everyday athletes trying to get to the finish line. In 2014 Best Bike Split became part of the TrainingPeaks family through acquisition. This partnership has been an amazing journey, but after 7 years original co-founder Rich Harpel has re-acquired BBS and separated from TrainingPeaks.

“Being part of the TrainingPeaks family for the last 7 years has been great and we will continue to have a solid working relationship with them as a technical partner.”, says Rich Harpel.

BBS has secured new partnership deals with several World Tour Pro teams for the 2022 and 2023 seasons and is looking forward to expanding partnerships with like-minded companies as well as races across cycling and triathlon.

“Best Bike Split will continue to innovate and add new features to the BBS platform for road racing, time trialing and triathlon. I’m also excited about expanding into some new cycling sport types as well as the running world.”, says Rich Harpel.

About Best Bike Split

Best Bike Split is an online platform built for cyclists and triathletes who race and train with power meters. The underlying technology that drives Best Bike Split lets you predict race times, plan optimal race strategy and actually execute the perfect race plan on the big day. The software is used by Tour de France teams, IRONMAN® world champions, Olympic gold medalists, age group athletes and coaches around the world to plan, train and race.

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