BASE Performance expands to Australia with FastGear as Exclusive Distributor

March 18, 2020

Boulder, CO, Release: 18 March, 2020. BASE Performance is excited to announce FastGear as its exclusive distributor in Australia. Sports are more global than ever, and it is important for BASE to have representation and access in both hemispheres. Seeing the resilience of the entire country after the terrible fires of 2019.

John Hill, Owner, FastGear

We at fastgear are excited about our partnership with base ,it fits in with our model of being known for our sports nutrition expertise ,as well as triathlon based products . Base is a great fit into our portfolio of products.”

Jay Weber, Director of International, BASE Performance:

“FastGear has a strong presence in Oceania, and we are excited to announce our expansion with John at the helm. Using his expertise, BASE will be able to expand to the many markets Australians are utilizing sports nutrition, as well as gain activation at the many events he is attending.”About BASE Performance

BASE Performance provides premiere nutritional supplements for endurance athletes. BASE has developed a unique and simple system with a variety of products for endurance athletes to improve performance, increase endurance and enhance recovery. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, fitness newbie, or an age group champion, BASE Performance can help you reach your goals. Engineered to fuel your body with only what you need and nothing you don’t. It’s time to train harder, race faster and go longer than you thought possible.

You can find more information about BASE Performance on our website, www.baseperformance.com.  You can find BASE Performance on Instagram www.instagram.com/baseperformance and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/baseperformance/.

About FastGear Australia

Fastgear Australia has been in the sports nutrition industry since 1994 in distribution and retail at the highest level in Australia with a huge knowledge in the industry in not just nutrition but every aspect of multisports. Owner and leader of the team “John hill” himself has completed 25 Hawaii Ironmans ,as well as a comprehensive knowledge of sales marketing and a highly motivated staff group, Fastgear have the best knowledge and know how to represent base at every level in Australia and New Zealand.

You can find more information about FastGearAustralia on their website at: www.fastgear.com.au or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/fastgearaustralia/

Contact Info:

Name: Jay Weber
Organization: BASE Performance
Email: jay@baseperformance.com

Name: John Hill
Organization: FastGear
Email: john@fastgear.com.au