Believe in the Run Announces New Featured Contributor, Don Reichelt

June 13th, 2018

Believe in the Run Announces New Featured Contributor, Don Reichelt

BALTIMORE, June 13, 2018 – Believe in the Run, one of the top ten running review sites on the web with over 57,000 unique visits, and a quarter million page views every month, has just announced their newest featured contributor, Don Reichelt. Run by a highly active and experienced running team, Believe in the Run is dedicated to providing honest reviews of shoes, races, and gear in order to help the consumer navigate the ever-growing product offerings available to runners. With the onboarding of Don, Believe in the Run will be expanding its content to include advice and personal running experiences so its readers will not only have a place to go for honest reviews, but for articles providing running advice and stories from Don’s adventures, like running Badwater 135.

“I have been friends with Don for a while now, and it has been thrilling to watch him grow into a real Ultra competitor. Don’s straightforward approach to running adds another dimension to the Believe in the Run website that will be a source of value to our audience. We are super stoked to have Don as a contributor.” –Thomas Neuberger, Editor, and Founder.

“Believe in the Run has given me a pretty amazing opportunity to write about what I love, and answer some questions along the way about running, endurance sports, and anything else you might think of to ask me. I have a pretty wide knowledge base about running, coaching, equipment, and the life/running balance we all need, so ask away with your questions, and I’ll pull from a ton of different experiences to point you in the right direction.“ –Don Reichelt

One of the first projects Don will tackle is an Instagram Takeover during his epic Badwater 135 race. The Believe in the Run audience will get an inside look at the event and what it takes to endure “the world’s toughest foot race.”

About Believe in the Run

Believe in the Run is an honest and well-trusted running review site that has been delivering reviews on shoes, gear, and races for almost ten years. With a team built by founder, Thomas Neuberger, as well as the top contributor and exceptional runner with several overall wins and many age group wins, Meaghan Murray; combined they run an average of more than 4,000 miles each year. Accompanying them are a host of regular contributors, all of whom grind out their miles in gear and report back to the public with their knowledge about what makes a shoe good, bad, and worth your cash. For all of your running review needs, visit:

About Don Reichelt

Don was born and raised in Iowa, now called Littleton, Colorado. He has a wife, two dogs, and a pet tilapia named Gertrude. He claims to have stumbled into becoming an ultra runner in the last couple of years after a decent collegiate crew career. After starting out at the back of the pack in his first 100-mile run, he dedicated himself to training hard throughout 2016 and 2017 and ended up finishing with a top 100 time in the world at the 100-mile distance, holding a personal best of 16:27. To learn more about Don, visit his bio on Believe in the Run:

Believe in the Run

Believe in the Run Announces New Featured Contributor, Don Reichelt

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