Zoot Sports Debuts All New Wetsuit Lineup

June 9, 2020

Carlsbad, Ca – Zoot Sports, the original triathlon brand, has released its next generation of triathlon wetsuits.  With four styles, each of which was designed in collaboration with Zoot athletes, there is a suit in this new offering for every athlete.

Headed up by the all new Wikiwiki 2.0. (Hawaiian for “speedy fast”) this hero suit delivers the most cutting-edge performance features on the market. The arm and shoulders are engineered with FLEXskin 0.3 mm Yamamoto Mark III super stretch neoprene giving the wearer the unrestricted feel of a sleeveless swim with the hydrodynamic speed advantages of fully SCS Nano coated arms.

“Being comfortable and confident in the water is essential for any triathlete or open water swimmer, and Zoot Sports has absolutely nailed their latest round of high-performance wetsuits” says Zoot athlete and Ironman Champion Ben Hoffman. “Not only are they incredibly flexible, buoyant, and fast, but they also look awesome. I have been through countless iterations of wetsuits over the years, and I am floored by how good I feel in the newest from Zoot!”

Another addition to the family, the Bolt – will be the top choice for competitive age group triathletes. Engineered with superior buoyancy, flexibility and speed, the Bolt is built for the triathlete who doesn’t have ideal swimming technique. Boasting maximum shoulder and arm flexibility, a fuse welded neck to eliminate chafing, and SCS speed coating to reduce drag, the Bolt includes features adopted from our previous seasons high-end suits resulting in an industry leading wetsuit, at a competitive price point.

The line rounds out with the Kona – an entry level option perfect for beginner triathletes and swimmers. Made with GLIDEflex grooved neoprene panels in the calves and chest allow for maximum muscle and lung expansion. Many triathletes tend to “panic” breath at the start of the swim and the GLIDEflex panels release to allow the chest to expand for deeper breaths.

The new Kona wetsuit combines flexibility and buoyancy with the best price-performance ratio. It is available as both sleeveless and full sleeve versions.

“Innovation and technical design continue to be at the heart of the Zoot design process” explains Shawn O’Shea, Zoot President. “We worked with both our professional athletes as well as Zoot age-groupers to produce a line that extends the long history of developing products that provide athletes with everything they need for training and racing, from head to toe.”

To learn more about the complete 2020 Zoot Wetsuit line visit www.zootsports.com.