Strava introduces messaging feature

December 4, 2023

As of Monday, the messaging feature will be available for all Strava users (on mobile only). Look for the speech bubble icon in the top right corner of the Strava home screen and group tabs. If you can’t find it, restart your Strava app and make sure you have version 335.0 downloaded. You can also send your ridiculous workouts or long runs to your friends by tapping the share icon on a Strava activity to share it in a chat. You’ll have the option to choose from existing chats or create a new one.

Don’t be alarmed, Strava still respects your boundaries; you can still manage and control who invades your running space with customizable messaging settings. Your options? “Following” lets any follower slide into your DMs; “Mutuals” keeps it exclusive to mutual followers (someone you follow who also follows you); and “No One” is for those who prefer a solo run or treadmill—total privacy, even in chat form. Canadian Running