Popular eSports platform ROUVY introduces the first augmented indoor cycling integration with Strava Live Segments

August 31, 2022

Prague/San-Francisco, August 31st, 2022 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Today, ROUVY announces a new integration with Strava to bring Strava Live Segments to over 1M athletes on ROUVY’s popular esports platform. Strava is the leading social platform for athletes and the largest sports community in the world with over 100M athletes on the platform. Strava Live Segments give another dimension of excitement to the ROUVY experience, providing motivation to compete on a Strava segment from the trainer like you would on a stretch of road or trail outdoors.

ROUVY is the largest virtual cycling and triathlon platform based on thousands of real geo-located videos and workouts. It gained its global popularity by offering the experience of world-class racing events from home and the opportunity to ride virtually literally anywhere in the world.

Anyone with a home trainer and a screen device, is able to join online and ride along in the virtual peloton in more than 70 official races across all continents. From La Vuelta a Espana to the Tour of Japan, from Challenge Family Roth in Germany to the USA Triathlon Championships – the planet of endurance sports is open for you to pick any place to ride worldwide. Swiss and Italian Alps, South African oceanic coastlines, Japanese sakura blossom-lined roads, Vietnamese jungles, North American national parks – short listing from the hundreds and thousands of places that one might never be able to visit in real life, but which are just one click away with ROUVY – all are able to turn your next home bike session into a fun adventure. As year-round indoor training and racing has become a natural extension of athletic life, so will Strava Live Segment records, irrespective of whether they are created indoors or outdoors.

Strava Live Segments on ROUVY
Now athletes will be able to enjoy both the beauty of realistic virtual locations with a motivational element, competing against themselves, their friends or world pros on Strava leaderboards. Riders can track their efforts and chase personal bests in real-time with Strava Live Segments on ROUVY’s iconic routes. From now on, cyclists and triathletes will see their own public records and achievements represented as augmented fellow avatars in the peloton. Strava Live Segments give athletes real-time feedback on how they’re tracking against their personal efforts on a segment or group of segments. Once an athlete crosses the start line of that chosen segment, on ROUVY Strava provides time elapsed, projected time ahead or behind PR pace and distance remaining.

Strava Live Segments is compatible with 77 devices, but this is the first time it has been implemented on an indoor augmented cycling app. Strava and ROUVY will begin making popular segments available to users, starting with initial segments on exciting La Vuelta roads. Leaderboards with virtual Strava Segments are available through the ROUVY website here. (Choose ‘Strava Live Segments’ in the route categories, then click on a chosen route, then -> ‘route details’ to locate the list of the Strava segments in the middle of the route page. Clicking through the specific segment will get you to the segment leaderboard on Strava.)

Lauren Wolff, ROUVY Ambassador and an active Strava subscriber, says “Strava Live Segments are awesome! On ROUVY, they will be a game changer of note! As a confessed QOM chaser, this will be a fantastic way to motivate me to improve in these virtual segments as I get real-time updates on my achievements while riding the segment. The exciting and motivational feature is only available to Strava subscribers, so I can’t wait to give it a go and enjoy it now on ROUVY. It is a great way to keep track of my performance progress and previous PRs and see how my training compares to others. I think I may be riding some routes a few times over! It’s a brilliant addition to the app!”

Free to try for anyone
This exciting and motivational feature is only available to Strava subscribers. Under the normal conditions to use the SLS one needs a Strava Subscription. To be given the chance to see why it is great for the fitness enthusiasts of all abilities, Strava provides a 60-day free trial. To try SLS on ROUVY, new users should register on ROUVY, use the 2.11.0 app version (or higher) and connect their Strava accounts. ROUVY offers a standard 14-day free trial for the new riders. All further information is here and how-it-works details here.


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// Please refer to Strava as: Strava, the leading social platform for athletes and the largest sports community in the world” and to SLS as: “Strava Live Segments”


ROUVY is a digital cycling platform that brings the experience of real-life cycling competitions and iconic stunning locations to your home. ROUVY offers thousands of exciting virtual roads to join the pro peloton online or compete with friends. Overlaying augmenting avatars over the geo-synced video footage, ROUVY makes home training both realistic and fun. ROUVY is a proud official partner of La Vuelta, Tour de Suisse, Challenge Family and many others. Cycling enthusiasts and the most demanding athletes are welcome to cycle the world from home to stay fit or get ready for the next race!


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Strava is the leading platform for athletes and the largest sports community in the world, with over 100 million athletes in 195 countries. If you sweat you’re an athlete, and Strava’s mobile apps and website connect millions of active people every day. Strava gives athletes simple, fun ways to stay motivated and compete against themselves and others without having to be in the same place at the same time. All athletes belong on Strava no matter where they live, which sport they love, or what device they use. Join the community and make the most of your sport with a Strava subscription.

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