PeopleForBikes Unveils Toolkit for Improving Bicycle Networks in Cities and Towns

November 10, 2020

BOULDER, CO. (Nov. 10, 2020) — PeopleForBikes is launching the Advocacy Academy, an extensive online toolkit of educational resources to help city leaders, local advocates and other stakeholders improve bicycle networks and programs in their communities.

“We’ve been working with cities and towns for years to build protected bike lanes, connect bicycle networks, and improve the health and vitality of communities,” said Sara Studdard, PeopleForBikes director of local innovation. “Along the way, we’ve learned the best practices to make these crucial changes. Advocacy Academy brings those lessons to local leaders, making it that much easier for communities to accelerate better conditions for bicycling.”

The online Advocacy Academy, which goes live on Nov. 17, includes twelve engaging and educational videos, as well as research reports, case studies, and best practice guides that delve into the details of execution. The series tackles:

  • Tips for making a city great for bicycling, from calming residential streets to increasing equitable access to safety.
  • Lessons from the best biking cities, detailing successful strategies from around the world and practical tips for implementing them in your own city.
  • A deep dive into the PeopleForBikes City Ratings program, a data-driven approach to evaluate, identify, and compare the best global cities and towns for bicycling, including details on the City Ratings algorithm and tips to improve bicycling in your region.

The Advocacy Academy is a key component of the PlacesForBikes program supported by a generous grant from Trek Bicycle Corporation as well as contributions from other bike businesses, foundations, and individuals.

“All across America, people are riding bikes for transportation, fitness, and to spend time with family. Now more than ever, providing safe, comfortable, and enjoyable places to ride is an important investment to our streets, cities, and planet,” said Kyle Wagenschutz, PeopleForBikes vice president of local innovation. “These videos can act as a roadmap, providing you and other local leaders the ability to prioritize your next steps and have confidence that the outcomes will make biking better for everyone.”

To learn more about Advocacy Academy, join the PeopleForBikes webinar on November 17 at 2 p.m. MT.

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