NURVV Debuts First-Ever Tech to Accurately Measure Running Power Using Smart Insoles

August 31, 2021

Cyclists have benefitted from the power metric for years; now runners finally have access to it.

[LONDON — AUGUST 31, 2021]NURVV, the pioneers of wearable technology and biomechanics designed to help runners of all levels run faster, further and reduce injury risk, today unveils a landmark development in running technology. Beginning now, every pair of NURVV Run smart insoles is capable of using its 32 smart sensors to accurately measure running power, a training metric that in recent years has been rapidly growing in favor among athletes, but as of yet has not been accessible to runners of all skill levels.

While some other wrist-based running wearables use algorithms to measure running power, NURVV measures it by cross-analyzing a rich set of data collected at the foot using advanced biomechanical technology. This ensures that all runners have access to more accurate and more useful training data, allowing them to waste less energy, exert more control over their running technique, and be less prone to injury.

As a training metric, running power holds enormous potential due its high level of consistency compared to traditional metrics like pace and heart rate. Power, a metric expressed in Watts, provides a new way for runners to measure the amount of physical work they’re doing across runs and therefore exert more control over the intensity of their training. Having access to the Power metric enables more efficient running — by wasting less energy when running at the same speeds, runners are more likely to maximize performance outcomes with less physiological effort. Without accurate power readings, runners must use traditional metrics to make basic assumptions about estimated power output, whereas NURVV’s technology turns measuring running power into an exact science.

Here’s how it works:

Power Dial

  • For indoor runs, a new Power Dial gives a live indication of the power zone the user is working in, much like heart rate zones, allowing them to craft their training session based on specific benefits they hope to achieve.
  • For indoor and outdoor runs performed without a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), Power audio cues are delivered when the user shifts Power Zones, allowing users working with audio only to control their workouts effectively.
  • Apple Watch users benefit from a Power cue on the watch, plus Power Zone audio cues when an HRM is not connected.

Running Power Form Report

  • The Running Power Form Report allows the user to explore how their Power metric has varied over the course of a run, generating insights and helping them to improve on future runs.
  • The circular chart shows a breakdown of the run by Power Zone; for users aiming to train within specific Power Zones, this chart allows them to gauge how successful they’ve been.
  • The Power line graph shows how Power has changed during the run, with average Power per split, Power Zones, an Elevation profile to correlate to and the ability to overlay Pace on the graph, the user can develop a full understanding of how Power has interacted with other key metrics during their run.
  • As for all other NURVV Run form reports, the Power report includes a full explanation of the metric and ideas for the user to try if they want to improve their Power.

Power Test

  • Power Test is a short, intense workout which can help the runner determine their Threshold Power, which can be defined as the power a runner is able to sustain for 45-60 minutes of running.
  • During Power Test, the user is directed to run at the maximum Power they can sustain across the full 10 minute duration of the workout.
  • Audio cues update the user on time remaining at key points through the workout, so users who are using audio only can manage their workouts effectively.
  • Runners looking to base their training around Power may look to use Power Test once per training block to check on their progress and ensure that any improvement in Threshold Power is reflected in their Power Zones.
  • Other runners looking for a short intense workout may also enjoy trying a Power Test to see how high they can push their Threshold Power.

Power Workout

  • NURVV Run’s new Power Workout feature provides an engaging and challenging way to train using NURVV’s new foot-based Running Power metric.
  • By choosing a Power Zone to run in during each section, any kind of workout can be created, from constant effort to intervals or negative splits.
  • During the workout, dynamic audio and visual cues respond to the user’s performance and help them stay on track in their chosen Power Zones.
  • When the workout is done, the user receives a clear analysis of what went well and what could improve in the next workout.
  • Power Workout can be used indoors or outdoors, using Android, iPhone or Apple Watch, with multiple achievements to earn for every workout.
  • For users who want to use Running Power as their primary training metric, as well as those who’ve never used it before and want to experiment, NURVV’s Power Workout is a versatile new training option.

“Wrist-based wearables are great, but simply fall short when it comes to more precise running metrics like footstrike, pronation, and power,” says Jason Roberts, founder of NURVV. “We’re on a mission to make these metrics more available to all runners so that they can become the best runners they can be. The addition of Running Power to our training platform is a major leap forward, but there’s so much more on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with the global running community.”

In the US, NURVV Run is available to buy for $299.99 from the following retailers – NURVV.com, amazon.com, B8ta.com, target.com and bestbuy.com.

In the UK and Ireland, NURVV Run is available to buy for £249.99 / €269.99 from the following retailers – NURVV.com, amazon.co.uk, Selfridges.com, sportsshoes.com, sigmasports.com, compub.com and stormfront.co.uk


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