Marathon cheat smears made my life hell, says editor of running magazine

March 8, 2024

An editor at a leading running magazine who was accused of cheating at the London Marathon has been cleared, saying she has “been through hell”.

Kate Carter, the acting commissioning editor of Runner’s World UK, was accused of “unethical” behaviour after anomalies were spotted in her performances at two major events last year.

The 47-year-old has now been cleared by England Athletics, the governing body, of the cheating claims, which were initially made on Marathon Investigation, a US blog.

As it turns out, she manually drew a map for her 4,000 followers on Strava, the activity app, which made it look like it was a GPS map of her running the London Marathon course last year in three hours and 19 minutes. The map showed the 2019 course, prompting claims that she had fabricated her time. yahoo!