Injinji Releases First Trainer Mini-Crew Sock In Brand History

February 23, 2022

The Trainer Mini-Crew: Designed for Every Runner

San Diego, CA (February 23, 2022)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Injinji, the innovator of the patented five-toe-Performance Toesock™ for runners and outdoor enthusiasts, announced the release of their first ever Trainer Mini-Crew sock today. Designed for runners during their strength, cross-training, or circuit workouts, this new piece is designed to help runners and athletes meet and surpass their performance goals.

“We are very excited about the Trainer Mini-Crew release,” said Injinji CEO, Jason Battenfield. “One of our big goals this year was to create a product made specifically for those in the running and strength training space. We understand the importance of it and wanted to cater to the wearers of our brand with another quality, all-around training piece.”

Maintaining the staple foundation Injinji prides itself on, the Trainer Mini-Crew sock (MSRP $13) maintains Injinji’s signature staple foundation and features a snugger fit. This allows the sock to move with the foot and reinforce stability with every step. Updated with a precise fit and a ribbed knit material, the Trainer Mini-Crew has a mesh top, enhanced arch, and ankle support that aid in unrestricted movement; giving the balance, cushion, and complete foot utilization needed for circuit training or any other workout you might decide to try, with or without shoes.

“The Trainer Mini-Crew has aspects that we haven’t presented in the past at Injinji,” said Director, Ecommerce & Operations, Claire Kooperman. “This piece is one that we really thought about with the goal of creating a piece that has a specific use and functionality. We are excited to add it to the strength training industry and look forward to being a part of many 2022 training sessions.”

Designed in the colors Orange and Lime, the Injinji Trainer Mini-Crew is available in unisex sizing and will be available for purchase on February 23rd on injinji.com.

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