Endurance Sports Legend Matt Fitzgerald Joins Athletica.ai Backed By Olympian Alistair Brownlee

February 8, 2024

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Athletica.ai, a leading AI endurance training and performance platform, is thrilled to announce the addition of Matt Fitzgerald, renowned bestselling author and esteemed authority in endurance sports, as both an investor and advisor. This major endorsement further validates Athletica.ai’s science-driven approach to athletic training, already recognized by the early investment from two-time Olympic gold medalist, Alistair Brownlee.

Matt Fitzgerald, celebrated for his influential works such as “On Pace”, “80/20 Triathlon”, “80/20 Running”, and the seminal “Iron War”, exemplifies the scientific ethos that is the cornerstone of Athletica.ai. His insights in “Iron War” have been a pivotal inspiration for co-founder Dr. Paul Laursen, profoundly shaping the company’s foundational philosophy. Dr. Laursen reflects, “The pivotal moment Matt captured in ‘Iron War’ shaped my life’s ‘why’, making it exceptionally fitting for him to join us in advancing Athletica.ai’s mission to enhance athletic performance.”

Fitzgerald’s recent project, the Dream Run Camp, has garnered significant acclaim, including a feature in the New York Times, underscoring his continuous influence in the endurance sports world.

Matt Fitzgerald shares his enthusiasm: “Joining Athletica.ai is more than just a new chapter in my career; it’s a fusion of my lifelong dedication to endurance sports and a commitment to innovative, science-backed training methodologies. Athletica.ai’s vision aligns perfectly with my approach, and I’m thrilled to not only advise but actively contribute to the evolution of endurance training through groundbreaking technology.”

Alistair Brownlee, reflecting on his early investment, comments: “It’s incredible to see Athletica.ai’s growth, especially with Matt joining our team. His involvement is a testament to our pioneering approach and our shared vision of reshaping the future of athletic training.”

With this significant momentum in our journey, Athletica.ai is excited to share that our seed investment round is progressing well and remains receptive to discussions with potential partners who share our commitment to transforming athletic training.

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