Designer Wellness Introduces Designer Smoothie, A Shelf Stable and Portable Protein Fruit Snack

November 2, 2021

With 12g of Whey Protein and Zero Added Sugar, the New Designer Smoothie is Ideal for Adults, Athletes, Children and Anyone Who Wants to Fuel Their Busy Lifestyle.

CARLSBAD, CA, – November 2, 2021— Designer Wellness, the trusted source for nutrient-filled protein powders and other wellness products, today introduced Designer Smoothie, a shelf stable and portable protein fruit smoothie that is made with real fruit, contains 12 grams of whey protein isolate, is all natural, gluten free, has 100 percent BPA free packaging and contains no sugar added. Designer Smoothie is available in three flavors: Mixed Berry, Strawberry Banana and Tropical Fruit. The SRP on the 4.2 ounce convenient single serve pouch is $3.49.

With zero added sugar, Designer Smoothie has 65 percent less sugar, than other similar products. Designer Smoothies contain five-to-six grams per serving, compared to 12-17g of sugar in other brands.

“Designer Smoothie is the latest unparalleled innovative addition to our overall Designer Wellness Platform of active lifestyle products and is a natural brand extension,” says Paul Pruett, CEO of Designer Wellness.  “Designer Smoothie tastes great and definitively has more protein and less sugar and carbs than other similar products. With cleaner labels, we expect that people will throw it into a gym bag, lunch box, purse, office drawer or consume it during training and exercise instead of a nutrition bar or gel.”

In addition to real fruit, Designer Smoothies also contain MCT oil that is thought to provide better brain and memory function as well as other wellness benefits. Designer Smoothie does not require refrigeration before it is opened. It can be stored at room temperature or chilled.

Designer Smoothie is made in the USA and is available at www.DesignerWellness.com. It is coming soon to Amazon and select retailers.

About Designer Wellness:

Designer Wellness is the leading legacy brand in the sports and active nutrition category. Since introducing its flagship brand Designer Whey in 1993, the company focuses on creating the highest quality products for trending active lifestyles. Designer Wellness was the first company to brand commercially instantize whey protein powder for the general consumer marketplace, a forerunner in promoting the removal of artificial ingredients, a pioneer of gluten-free protein powders, an advocate of kosher-certification, and the first to create a protein powder that contains the benefits of both egg yolk and egg white. Designer Wellness exists to help consumers achieve their health and wellness goals with the most advanced products known to science.

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