Aquasphere Launches Innovative R&D Hub to Supercharge Product Development and New Global Brand Ambition

October 19, 2021

Premier French Swim Club CN Antibes is First European Partner with Expansion Planned for North America and Asia Pacific

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France (October 19, 2021) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Aquasphere, the premier swimming brand, has created an innovative new R&D Hub designed to maximize its product development and new global brand ambition by utilizing swimmers of all levels for research and development, marketing programs, and retail and merchandising solutions. Launching in partnership with CN Antibes, the world-renowned French swim club led by four-time Olympic medalist Alain Bernard, the R&D Hub is slated to expand to North America and Asia Pacific to enhance the brand’s product offering for its loyal users in these regions.

“Our Partnership with CN Antibes completes Aquasphere’s unmatched R&D ecosystem composed of our newly established global headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France in which we plan and create the next generation of Swim products; our owned manufacturing plant located in Genoa, Italy; and now a world class swim facility offering direct contact with over 1500 swimmers of all levels to test and develop the most innovative and best quality swim products in the market,” said Aqualung Group CEO Matthieu Bazil, the parent company of Aquasphere.

Refined by almost 30 years of research, Aquasphere is well-known for its expertly crafted, high-quality swim goggles thanks to its in-house R&D department and manufacturing entity in Italy.  Now, Aquasphere looks to tap into the mindset and needs of individual swimmers as a vital investment into the future of the brand’s product offerings.

“If we are going to continue to provide high quality, unique technologies to swimmers, and bring to market the strong innovations we have in development, we need to invest into R&D,” said Jess Fitzsimon, Global Brand Director at Aquasphere. “It is an important step to establish R&D Hubs where we can test our product developments with swimmers, from the elite level to fitness swimmers, to ensure the products we develop are insightful and intelligent.”

While the main driver of the R&D Hub program is to enhance product research and development, swimmers will also be encouraged to give their perspective on trends and issues related to the sport and participate in video and photo shoots for social media and traditional marketing campaigns.

“CN Antibes is thrilled to partner with Aquasphere and become the first swim club in the world to play a role in the development and marketing of swimming gear and equipment through the participation of our members,” said Alain Bernard, who serves as Vice President of CN Antibes. “This collaboration is the result of a common ambition: to excel and promote the sport of swimming to everyone.”

The R&D Hub also offers a global platform for Aquasphere to showcase its revitalized brand ambition, including a bold new approach that builds upon its strong presence in open water swimming and triathlon to the pool with competitive swimming. The brand seeks to unite individuals with a passion for swimming and provide high quality products designed to help swimmers achieve their ultimate challenges.   New products and global athlete ambassadors, including elite competitive swimmers, will be announced in the coming months.

For more information, visit AquasphereSwim.com.

About Aquasphere

Established in Genoa, Italy in 1998, Aquasphere is a premium swimming brand representing unparalleled design, development and manufacturing expertise. Inspired by extensive experience in the scuba diving industry, the brand was launched after Italian engineers, P. Ferraro and G. Beltrani, created the first curved lens with no visibility distortion: The Seal swim mask. From this creative ingenuity, Aquasphere quickly became the swim eyewear expert. Through our in-house R&D Department and manufacturing facilities in Italy, we design and craft high quality swim goggles that combine performance, reliability, and comfort. Sharpened over more than 30 years of research, our craftsmanship is based on advanced patented technologies, high-quality materials and driven by our swimming community. Whatever the playground, we celebrate and empower each individual in their pursuit of achievement and encourage swimmers everywhere to “be limitless”. For more information, visit www.aquasphereswim.com.

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