Active Tracking Technology: RACE RESULT granted patent in EU and US

June 10, 2020

After successfully patenting the foldable ground antenna in 2019, RACE RESULT is now happy to announce the granting of a patent for its active tracking technology.

“As a technology leader in sports timing, it is our goal to always be one step ahead. We developed an active transponder which can be used for timekeeping and tracking at the same time. The transponders’ tracking mode can be activated along the track. We are very happy to have received a patent for this development in the EU and the USA now. Since its introduction, the Track Box has been very well received by our timing partners and races. It is nice to see how our developments fit our customers’ needs”, says RACE RESULT CTO Nikias Klohr.

The tracking feature built in the RACE RESULT Active Transponders has taken a new approach to tracking, offering major improvements compared to traditional tracking solutions. Participants don’t need to carry a separate GPS-tracker or cell phone. The handy Track Boxes can be easily set up along the course and detect the transponders as they are passing by. This detection is combined with the current GPS location and sent via cell network to a server. This live data is used for race visualization, checkpoints, splits and predictions in thousands of races around the world, including a growing number of major triathlon and road race events.

What is special about this solution is the fact that the tracking mode of the transponder can be switched on and off with a RACE RESULT Management Box installed along the course. This significantly reduces the transponder’s battery consumption.

While the Track Box is not traditionally carried by individual athletes, it is often used by races to also track live locations of lead vehicles, sweep, or medical staff. The Track Box location is always visible with its current location on the race map. Since it is small enough to fit into a backpack, very easy to set up, and can even be remotely turned on, the Track Box is an ideal solution to be set up by volunteers at split points that are not easily accessible by vehicles.

To learn more about the RACE RESULT tracking solution, visit our solutions page.