British man runs 4-hour marathon while drinking 25 glasses of wine

April 23, 2024

A British man and TikToker combined two of his favourite things–running and wine–at this year’s London Marathon to complete an epic challenge for charity. Instead of opting for a flashy costume or a Guinness World Record, Tom Gilbey of London, an Internet wine connoisseur, took on the challenge of blind tasting a different glass of wine at every mile of the 26.2-mile course–and he still finished in a respectable time.

While most marathon participants focus on pacing themselves and staying hydrated with water or electrolyte drinks, Gilbey was fuelled by 25 different wines from around the world, savouring both white and red varieties along the route. Despite the unconventional and do-not-try-this-at-home approach, Gilbey completed the London Marathon in four hours and 41 minutes, finishing 22,316 overall in a field of 30,000-plus. Canadian Running