Spinlister Takes Over Europe’s Largest Bike Share

March 22nd, 2016

Spinlister Takes Over Europe’s Largest Bike Share

The Amsterdam-based bike sharing service Cycleswap has been acquired by American competitor Spinlister

(March 22nd, 2016) Spinlister, the global leader in peer-to-peer action sports rental equipment, has recently announced its acquisition of the Amsterdam-based bike sharing service Cycleswap. This is the second such addition to the Spinlister platform in 6 months, and marks a notable step forward in the company’s mission to grow and connect its global audience to passionate riders throughout Europe.

Cycleswap was started in 2015 by Joran Iedema, David Schogt, Matthijs Otterloo, David Knap and Wouter Florijn. The site quickly amassed over 1,000 active users and welcomed more than 150k first-time visitors over the past year.

In light of their growing demand, Spinlister reached out to Cycleswap to incorporate their expertise into its global gear sharing platform that already services more than 65 countries worldwide. As of last week, all incomig traffic to Cycleswap has been redirected to Spinlister.com and their cofounders have officially joined on as part of the Spinlister team. The new Amsterdam-based addition will work diligently over the next year to bring significant growth to Spinlister’s European market, including new users, listers, and professional service providers.

“For us, this acquisition is a perfect fit,” says Spinlister CMO Andrew Batey. “The addition of Cycleswap to the Spinlister community means our users are able to connect even more seamlessly with new riders throughout the Netherlands and beyond.”

Cycleswap founder Jordan Iedema agrees. “It’s an exciting opportunity for us, as Spinlister has a wealth of critical knowledge about bike sharing,” he says. “We looked to them for years as industry leaders, and now have the opportunity to work as part of the Spinlister team to help take the idea behind Cycleswap to the next level.”

About Spinlister:

Launched on April 1st 2012, Spinlister is a peer-to-peer global bike share that allows users to rent and list bicycles, skis, snowboards, SUPs, and surfboards from each other in over 65 countries worldwide. With their seamless web, iOS and android apps, built-in security features, and a database of user reviews, Spinlister has won the trust of communities of athletes all over the globe.

Spinlister guarantees bikes up to $10,000 USD against any theft or damage. They also offer protection plans for Damage and theft to renters globally. If you would like to rent a bike when you travel please visit www.spinlister.com.


Spinlister Takes Over Europe’s Largest Bike Share

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