You Can’t Afford NOT to Attend Industry Conferences

November 15th, 2018

You Can’t Afford NOT to Attend Industry Conferences

DelMoSports’ highly successful inaugural Hand & Stone Women’s Philadelphia Pool Triathlon this past July was born and produced out of conversations at two TBI Conferences: 2017 (Dallas) and 2018 (Tempe). DelMoSports brought more than 600 first-time women triathletes into the sport. It was the first major pool swim triathlon in Philadelphia and had 1,350 registered women participants.

In the words of Stephen Del Monte, founder/CEO/race director, DelMoSports, here’s how the triathlon came about and how that “good luck with that” conversation went:

January 2017 TBI Conference (Dallas):

“It was my 6th TBI Conference. I was sitting in a large meeting room in Dallas, Texas, with stake holders in the sport of triathlon from around the country and to a certain extent around the world.”

“Bob Babbitt walked to the front of the room and expressed what he believed was the perfect solution to attract new athletes into our sport and played a video on pool triathlon. Pool triathlon is a NOT a new concept, it’s been around forever, but truthfully, as a seasoned triathlete myself I never gave it much thought.”

“As I watched the video I was inspired to do something. I thought, ‘this is something we can crush, I just need to find the right location.‘ Fast forward 1 hour. As I scoured the Internet looking for the right location, it dawned on me, the Kelly Pool in Philly … 50 meters long, 8 lanes wide, major metropolitan city…and MEN ARE NOT ALLOWED!”

“The next 10 months were dedicated to the permitting process, relationship/trust building process, and bringing reality to what was once only a vision of the mind. The team at DelMoSports worked tirelessly to launch The Women’s Philadelphia Triathlon under a bold statement: 1500 women in a classic triathlon format … swim (1st), bike (2nd), run (3rd).”

January 2018 TBI Conference (Tempe):

“My 7th TBI Conference. Sitting in a large meeting room in Tempe, Arizona, with stake holders in the sport of triathlon from around the country and to a certain extent around the world.”

“The theme of this conference was GROWING TRIATHLON and signing a pledge to add 100,000 new triathletes into the sport by 2020.”

“At one point in the main conference room, people began standing and making personal commitments to the packed room to help grow the sport:

  • ‘I will donate $100,000 in free advertising.’
  • ‘I will start a clinic for inner city kids!’
  • ‘I will teach 10 people to swim!’

“This went on for a good 10-15 minutes. Then I spoke up. ‘I’ve launched a women’s only pool triathlon in Philadelphia, in the first week over 650 athletes signed up, we’re going to sell out at 1,500.’

“Silence. I sat down.”

“The next morning, I was going on a group ride and I was speaking with another race director. She stated she had once produced a pool triathlon with about 300 women and it was a mess. Women swimming into each other in the pool, too crowded.”

“Then she said something that I will never forget … ‘How many do you have in the race right now?’ I stated, ‘Almost 700 and climbing each day.’”

“You want 1,500?  In a pool? It will be too crowded, you can’t do the swim first, you have to do the swim last.  Good luck with that!”

“To be fair and perfectly honest, this person probably never meant to be sarcastic, or snarky, or negative, but the “Jersey” in me took it as a challenge, and I firmly planted that statement/image on my left shoulder for the next 6 months and rode it from Southern New Jersey all the way over the Walt Whitman Bridge into Fairmont Park to the John B. Kelly Pool, and produced the greatest event of my career to date. Note: I decided to heed a little advice and I capped the event at 1350 of which 600+ were first time triathletes.”

“I’d also like to mention, that if I never took the time and made the investment to further my education in the sport of triathlon by attending conferences like TBI, USAT RD Symposium, and Running USA, I would have never thought of this event.”

“For those of you who watch every nickel and think you ‘can’t justify the expense,’ but instead think it’s a better idea to make your mediocre idea look more appealing by spending ad dollars on Facebook … in my eyes, you can’t afford NOT to attend the conferences, so, Good Luck With That.”

For more information about the 2019 TBI Conference:

Stephen Del Monte is the founder and CEO of DelMoSports, Inc. A former social worker, youth athletic coach and middle school math teacher, he founded the company in 2004 with his wife Jamie in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, where they live with their two children. They specialize in elite destination events along the southern New Jersey shore and Delaware, with challenging courses, spectacular scenery and amazing vacation opportunities for athletes and their families. Now with over 7,000 finishers annually, DelMoSports’ participants travel from around the world and compete at every level, from beginner to elite.

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You Can’t Afford NOT to Attend Industry Conferences

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