XLAB Launches the Latest Top Tube Storage Bag, the Stealth Pocket 500

January 6, 2014

Aerodynamic Top Tube Storage Bag ideal for bikes with cables or angled stems coupled with top tube bolt bosses.

January 6, 2014 – Escondido, CA: XLAB, pioneers in triathlon accessories, announces their new Stealth Pocket 500 Top Tube Bag, joining the company’s 6 other models in their ever-expanding top tube storage bag line.  The new aerodynamic bag solves triathlete’s needs for a fast, high capacity top tube storage solution that is compatible with superbikes with angled stems or bikes with cables entering the top tube coupled with top tube bolts.

XLAB’s COO & Marketing Director, Candice Turner, noticed an expanding trend of top tube bolt bosses being added to new bikes and found a need wasn’t being met with the best solution for top tube storage.

“Our previous line of top tube storage bags had two models with top tube mount capabilities that are ideal if riders’ mount a bag right up against the stem. Lately though, we noticed a trend of superbikes with angled, integrated stems along with mid-range bikes with cables entering the top tube, but with the new top tube bolts. Aerodynamically speaking, a bag that has a vertical front blocks some of the air coming from the front end and creates a turbulent air pocket resulting in drag. We needed to create a rounded front, which would redirect the air cleanly over the bag and eradicate that air pocket. The Stealth Pocket 500 is that solution.”

Not only does the new Stealth Pocket 500 top tube bag have a specially designed front-end to improve aerodynamics, but also has an airfoil shape, a 5:1 ratio. This ratio is widely used in aerospace design, of which XLAB Founder & Head Designer, Craig Turner knows very well being an aerospace engineer.

“Every product we design here at XLAB has aerospace design elements applied. The 5:1 ratio importance is to create the lowest possible drag off the bag. 5:1 literally means the length is five times the height of the bag,” said Turner.

The Stealth Pocket 500 comes with 1mm insulated sides along with an aero stiffener insert ensuring the bag maintains its aerodynamic shape. A silver interior helps rider’s see vital nutrition in an instant. Helping riders with easy access is the specially designed zipper. You won’t find small, metal zipper pulls on XLAB’s range of top tube bags. The rubber zipper pulls permit a secure grasp for an easy open and close so rider’s can keep their eyes straight ahead. The dual zipper pull is beneficial to the rider by varying the zipper pull position based on content size and ergonomics of opening and closing the bag.

The bag is a lightweight 2.7 ounces (76 grams) and has a volume capacity of 23.2 cubic inches or 380 cc. The XLAB test team managed to fill the bag comfortably with 6 standard size gel packets and its length enables the longest of energy bars to fit.

The aerodynamic XLAB Stealth Pocket 500 top tube storage bag retails for $38.00 and comes with mounting hardware and installation instructions.

You can learn more about the Stealth Pocket 500 top tube storage bag and find a list of XLAB retailers at www.XLAB-USA.com/stealth-pocket-500.html.


XLAB has been an innovator and important part of the triathlon industry for 20 years, helping athletes win 26 World Championships. Our engineers passionately design, analyze and test the hydration and storage systems allowing for extremely light and yet extraordinarily reliable products that are unmatched in design, technology and style. For more information about XLAB, visit www.XLAB-USA.com.