Women’s Running Releases Its 2018 Audience Study to the Running Industry

November 27th, 2018

Women’s Running Releases Its 2018 Audience Study to the Running Industry

Report Presents the Most In-Depth Study on Women Runners Since 2014

Boulder, Colorado, USA — November 27, 2018 — Women’s Running has just released its 2018 Audience Study as a free download to the running industry, marketers, and agencies. The Women’s Running 2018 Audience Study offers a wealth of market research on America’s fast-growing audience of women runners. This comprehensive, 86-page study is the most in-depth report focused on women runners since the release of the Running USA Women’s National Runner Survey in 2014. The Women’s Running 2018 Audience Study is now available as a free download from womensrunning.com/study.

For this report, Women’s Running asked 6,572 women runners 74 detailed questions about how much they run, how much they spend on running, which retailers they prefer, their favorite places to run, their favorite health and fitness activities, their use of fitness equipment and technology, how they assess their own health, and their reasons for running and racing. They also shared what changes would make them more likely to run more than they do now. In responses to 20 shopping questions, thousands of women revealed their 100 most and least favorite brands in nine product categories including running apparel (50+ brands), shoes (40+ brands), sports watches (20+ brands), headphones, and fitness gear—and they picked out which products and brands they will be purchasing soon.

Key Findings of the Women’s Running 2018 Audience Study

  • Spending Habits: On average, the Women’s Running audience spent $1,438 each year on running-related goods and services and an additional $1,155 on running-related travel. To replace all her sports and health/fitness gear, our average reader would have to spend $3,233.
  • Market Share Trends: The study includes brand ownership and intent to buy responses for 100 running and fitness brands in 9 product categories. These responses reveal the U.S. market share of those brands and show which are trending up and which are at risk of losing customers next year.
  • Running Participation: Women’s Running readers run an average of 198 days a year for 941 annual miles. That’s an impressive 4.75 miles per run, on average. Our readers run 6–9 races per year with typical favorite distances: 5K, half-marathon, and 10K. Running is the most important part of our readers’ lifestyle, but they also get a lot of exercise in other ways! Our readers report walking, weight/strength training, yoga/Pilates, hiking, home workout videos, and cycling among their most frequent non-running exercise—and they exercise indoors and outdoors for up to eight hours a week.
  • Motivations: Our women runners run for fun, for fitness, and for the challenge. While they participate in races frequently, they are more interested in setting a personal best and staying involved in the running community than they are in competing with others.
  • Technology Use: 70% of our readers always run with a smartphone and two of three always run with a GPS sports watch. 77% track their workouts with a sports watch or fitness tracker.

“Women are powering the growth in running today,” said Erin Beresini, Editorial Director of Women’s Running. “This report reveals what motivates women to start running and stick with it.”

“Women’s Running reaches women who are dedicated to exercise in many forms,” said Shannon Standefer, Sales Director for Women’s Running. “Brands seeking out active consumers in both the running and fitness space will find a receptive, highly engaged audience with Women’s Running.”

About Women’s Running

Women’s Running inspires and empowers women to reach their health and fitness goals through running and is published by Pocket Outdoor Media, the leading publisher in endurance sports. Pocket Outdoor Media brands influence and engage more athletes than any other through a combined print, online, and social audience of 44 million runners, cyclists, triathletes, and swimmers. Our brands include Women’s Running, the world’s #1 resource for women runners; Competitor Running, America’s leading website for performance-minded runners; VeloNews, the authoritative voice of cycling; Triathlete, the world’s #1 triathlon resource; and VeloPress, the world’s leading publisher of books on endurance sports. Pocket Outdoor Media is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has an office in San Diego, California. See more at pocketoutdoormedia.com.

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Women’s Running Releases Its 2018 Audience Study to the Running Industry

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