Wahoo SUF Launches Inspiration Video Series

December 16, 2020

Get inspired to ride with 31 of cycling’s best films paired with professionally-designed workouts

ATLANTA, December 16, 2020 – With the indoor training season in full swing, the Wahoo SUF Training App wants to help you get motivated to ride with the new Inspiration series of video-based workouts. Inspiration is a curated collection of 31 of the most inspiring films in cycling and endurance sports, each paired with a structured workout. From powerful documentaries to behind-the-scenes glimpses into professional racing, from motivating adventure stories to exhilarating freeride films, the new Inspiration collection has something for everyone.

Staying engaged while training indoors can be challenging. Some athletes opt for firing up their favorite video streaming service to combat the monotony. That approach often means videos don’t sync with structured workouts — either failing to match a workout’s intensity or duration. The Inspiration series solves that problem, syncing perfectly every time.

“In addition to helping athletes stay engaged and motivated while on the trainer, the new Inspiration series further bolsters our extensive library of structured workouts,” says David McQuillen, founder of The Wahoo SUF Training App. “The workouts focus primarily on endurance, base, and recovery sessions, which complements our already robust offering of high-intensity interval workouts and gives athletes more lower-intensity options for those days when recovery or tempo efforts are on the calendar.”

Workouts in the Inspiration range in duration from thirty minutes to nearly two hours. Each session is designed by the elite sports scientists on the Wahoo Sports Science Team to target specific fitness goals while fully immersing cyclists in the storyline of each film.

The titles in Season 1 include:


  • Rising from the Ashes: A Rwandan cycling team — formed of those who were left orphaned and traumatized by the genocide a decade earlier — has the dream of getting riders to the Olympics.
  • Half the Road: Explores the world of women’s professional cycling, focusing on both the love of sport and the pressing issue of inequality.
  • Kayabike: How a BMX track changes the lives of children in a South African village.
  • The Making of an Hour Record: Professional Cyclist Rohan Dennis wants to set a world record for the farthest distance ridden in one hour. This is the story of how he and his team made history.
  • Il Vecchio Saggio: At 47 years-old, Italian professional cyclist Davide Rebellin still dreams of glory while fighting off aging and the ghosts of his past.
  • Thursday Fields: An abandoned airport outside Manhattan is home to an exciting underground racing scene.
  • Moon Rider: The compelling story of one of the most promising young amateur cyclists in the world who never quite made it on the world stage.
  • Tommeke I’m Just a Big Fan: In Belgium, pro cyclists like Tom Boonen are revered as National Heroes.
  • Chasing Legends: The story of how the HTC-Colombia team – and their star sprinter Mark Cavendish – made a dramatic impact on the Tour de France. 


  • Alla Vita: Silke Pan, paralyzed from the waist down, crosses the Pyrenees by handcycle, completing 800 km and 28 passes in just 10 days.
  • I Just Want to Ride: Follows record-setter Lael Wilcox as she races the 2019 Tour Divide, a 2,750 mile self-supported mountain bike race from Canada to Mexico.
  • Thereabouts 1: Two brothers ride across the red heart of Australia to the iconic Uluru.
  • Thereabouts 2: Four professional cyclists ride from Boulder, Colorado to Moab, Utah, rediscovering the things they love about riding.
  • The Frozen Road: A 24-year old British man rides to the edge of the Canadian arctic. Alone.
  • A Dog’s Life 1: Follows one of the world’s best freeride mountain bikers, Brendan Fairclough, as he and his friends attempt amazing tricks in exoctic locations.
  • A Dog’s Life 2: More adventures from Brendan Fairclough and friends — this time in Chatel, France.
  • Bande de Sauvages: A young team of amateur French cyclists dream of becoming true professionals.
  • Earth Cycle Series: Over the course of five videos, our host rides across Scandinavia and shares his adventures with us.


  • The Holy Week: Through the eyes of riders and team staff, The Holy Week tells the story from the eve of the Tour of Flanders right through until the tense finale on the Roubaix velodrome.
  • Crescendo: Documents the final chapter of the 2018 Giro d’Italia.
  • Reves d’Enfer: Follows four aspiring pro cyclists as they prepare for the 2015 edition of the under-23 Paris-Roubaix.
  • Wolfpack Insider – Tour of Colombia: Behind-the-scenes as the Quickstep professional cycling team attempts to win the Tour of Colombia.
  • Wolfpack Insider – Running with Wolves: Behind-the-scenes as the Quickstep professional cycling team runs the gauntlet of spring classics.
  • Colombia Connection: How an upstart group of Colombian Cyclists captured the hearts of the public during the Giro d’Italia.

To experience the new Inspiration series and the rest of the Wahoo SUF Training App’s structured cycling workouts, comprehensive training plans, yoga for cyclists, strength training, and 10-week mental toughness program, visit https://thesufferfest.com and start your 14-day free trial.


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