Vessel Athletics Launches Resource to Simplify and Drive Healthy Hydration for Runners

September 29, 2021

Only 20% of Runners Monitor Hydration — This Resource Hopes to Change That

SAN JOSE, Cali. (September 29, 2021)— Vessel Athletics, a functional running apparel brand set to debut in 2022, today announced its launch of a free hydration resource and Ebook titled ‘Why Creating a Custom Hydration Plan Will Improve Your Running’. This Ebook is the first of many resources to come, all with the goal of helping runners better understand the importance of hydration.

Research shows that 70% of runners have reported experiencing effects of dehydration, while only 20% of runners report actively tracking their hydration status. This Ebook simplifies the steps needed to create a healthy, custom hydration plan. In addition to information on research-backed methods and tips for runners of all levels, the resource also includes a sweat rate calculator and a hydration tracker journal. Furthermore, information on how to stay healthy, maximize performance, identify individual hydration needs and aid in the prevention of dehydration ice the cake.

“Everyone’s body functions differently, which is something so many online resources about hydration seem to leave out of consideration,” explained Jasmine Sanchez, avid runner and founder of Vessel Athletics. “Sweat rate will vary depending on genetics, weather, exercise intensity, the layer of clothes we’re wearing and so on. At the moment, there is no simple way to learn about all of this unless you spend months doing research or you purchase an expensive course. Our goal was to create something free and easy for the running community to understand and implement immediately into their routine” A core mission of Vessel Athletics is to promote and prioritize healthy hydration within the running community and beyond. With dehydration as a root cause for many runners’ issues such as fatigue, cramping, and long recovery periods, the brand hopes to bring both awareness and accessibility through this new resource.  The Ebook is already helping individual runners, running coaches, and running groups create custom hydration plans in preparation for training and upcoming races.

To access the resource, go to: https://www.vesselathletics.com/hydration-ebook

About Vessel Athletics

Vessel Athletics is a functional running apparel brand for runners. It’s first product, the Hyrdroshirt® integrates a removable hydration bladder creating a better way to hydrate on-the-go without the excess weight, slosh and discomfort that current solutions provide. Their mission is to make quality products, support runners, and advocate for water justice. For more information about Vessel Athletics, visit www.vesselathletics.com