EXEC: Giant Group Sees Improving Bike Picture as April Shipments Close to Flat

May 14, 2024

The Giant Group reported a sharp moderation of sales declines in April 2024 as shipments dipped just 1.75 percent year-over-year to NT$6.91 billion. The decline was the smallest year-over-year decrease in sales since April 2023, when sales grew 20.3 percent to NT$7.03 billion.

January 2024 sales were down 17.7 percent, February sales were down 27.2 percent and March sales declined 12.4 percent, resulting in first quarter results that were down 20.3 percent to NT$16.06 billion. This comes after sales fell 16.4 percent for the full year 2023 and fell 29.8 percent in the fourth quarter. SGB