United Sports Brands Grows Portfolio With Acquisition of Glukos Energy, a Leading Energy Supplement Brand

August 20, 2020

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., August 20, 2020 — United Sports Brands today announces it has acquired Glukos Energy, a leading energy supplement brand. United Sports Brands will utilize its expertise, partnerships and experience to create new market opportunities for Glukos, enabling the brand’s continued focus on ground-breaking product innovation.

“We’re very excited to add Glukos Energy to the United Sports Brands portfolio of brands. Glucose is your body’s preferred form of energy and it provides 2 times the energy, twice as fast. We believe that Glukos’s commitment to delivering clean, fast and delicious energy aligns with USB’s commitment to helping athletes perform their best.” said Michael Magerman, president and chief executive officer of United Sports Brands.

“This acquisition provides the GLUKOS brand access to the resources and infrastructure that will allow it to expand and grow while continuing to provide the best sports nutrition products on the planet,” said Roberto Gutiérrez, Director of Brand Marketing at United Sports Brands. “We promise to always make performance optimization our top priority and keep our commitment to clean ingredients, fast fuel from glucose and amazing taste. The partnership with USB will provide a great future for the Glukos brand.”

Glukos is the fifth brand in the United Sports Brands portfolio, which already includes Shock Doctor, the #1 global leader in mouthguards; McDavid, a brand at the top of the recommended lists of pro athletes, sports medicine professionals and athletic trainers for more than 30 years; Cutters, the innovative leader in the athletic glove market and high performance glove grip technology; and, Nathan Sports the market leader in groundbreaking Running Essentials™. Customers and retail buyers can look forward to seeing new products and marketing from Glukos in the coming months and early next year.  Products in development include new flavors, formulations and formats.

About Glukos Energy

GLUKOS is an energy supplement brand that provides the ultimate source of natural energy for athletes to perform at their optimal levels. GLUKOS does this by capitalizing upon the science of the metabolic system and on the inherent properties of glucose. Glucose is extremely hydrophilic, meaning it is rapidly absorbed into the body — absorption begins immediately, in your mouth!  Beyond that, glucose is your body’s preferred form of energy; unlike other sugars like Fructose and Sucrose, your body doesn’t have to break down glucose to use it, making it the most efficient form of energy you can consume. Initially developed to meet the needs of elite athletes, GLUKOS is now used by athletes of all levels, people with diabetes and as a daily hydration and energy supplement.

For more information on Glukos, visit https://glukosenergy.com/.

About United Sports Brands

United Sports Brands is a portfolio of leading, category-defining sporting goods brands, each rich in heritage and authenticity. Shock Doctor, McDavid, Cutters, and NATHAN products are sold at top retailers in more than 65 countries around the world. With global headquarters in Southern California, United Sports Brands also has regional offices in Belgium, Japan and Canada.

For more information on United Sports Brands, visit: www.shockdoctor.com; www.mcdavidusa.com; www.cutterssports.com; www.nathansports.com

CONTACT: rgutierrez@unitedspb.com

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