United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy Launches First Ever Ultrarunning Coach Certification

January 7, 2021

Highlands Ranch, CO – January 7, 2021 – United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA), in partnership with renowned ultrarunning coach and author, Jason Koop has developed the first ever ultrarunning coach certification. The certification launched on 1/1/21 and is 100% online, including the testing.

As a leader in endurance sports education, UESCA recognized the growth of ultrarunning, as well as the demand for more ultrarunning-specific training and racing information.

“One of the main catalysts for the creation of the ultrarunning coach certification was our own running coaches,” said Rick Prince, founder of UESCA. “While they loved the running coach certification, they wanted something more ultrarunning specific. As there isn’t a ton of ultrarunning-specific research out there, it made partnering with Jason Koop that much more of a necessity! The reality is that an ultramarathon is not just a long marathon and therefore an individual cannot just add volume to a marathon-specific program and expect to be successful at an ultramarathon. It requires a whole different approach. This is the genesis of the UESCA Ultrarunning Coach Certification.

 The UESCA Ultrarunning Coach Certification is a comprehensive certification that includes in-depth sports science modules, as well as modules that pertain to every conceivable topic related to ultrarunning. Whether it be how to design a program, proper use of poles or how to increase one’s efficiency when running downhill, the UESCA Ultrarunning Coach Certification covers them all.

“For my entire professional career, I have been searching for educational content for trail and ultrarunning coaches that I could give to new and existing coaches alike,” said Jason Koop.“The UESCA certification is the first comprehensive solution that I have found that not only fits the bill, but exceeds those expectations. Additionally, the on-going support that they offer to their coaching network has no equal. They support coaches of varied experience levels in this extremely competitive marketplace.”

 To learn more about UESCA and the ultrarunning coach certification, please visit www.coachendurancesports.com.

About United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA)

UESCA is a leader in science-based endurance sports education and currently offers running, triathlon and ultrarunning coach certifications (cycling coming in spring 2021). All of the certifications are 100% online, including the testing and are comprised of robust learning modules. UESCA has certified coaches in over 55 countries and all 50 states.

Contact: Rick Prince rick@coachendurancesports.com