UltrAspire Debuts an Official Documentary with a Fresh New Homepage

August 6th, 2018

UltrAspire Debuts an Official Documentary with a Fresh New Homepage

UltrAspire CEO Bryce Thatcher tells the story of hydration in endurance sports

Bryce Thatcher has a mammoth name in endurance sports; known as the “father of hydration” his knack for inventing from a young age led him to not only birth the hydration industry with the first ever hydration pack, but continue to drive it forward over the years by introducing innovative products with cutting edge technology.

UltrAspire wanted to tell a story that the running community could identify with as a whole, so a cinematic documentary was created discussing trail and ultra running in their early days, the difference that is made on performance when you can conveniently carry hydration and other essentials, and the positive impact Bryce has had on the endurance sports industry as a whole. “I realized that just that simple thing of being able to grab your fluids on the go was so powerful because it allowed you to just keep going.” Bryce said when discussing the creation of the first ever hydration pack.

UltrAspire comes with a rich history. The team knows how important it is to share that history with the endurance sports community which is why they chose to create a documentary. They also want people to get a feel for what UltrAspire represents so they have made some updates to their homepage as well as purposed it to house the new short film

About UltrAspire:

UltrAspire is a high-performance, innovative outdoor gear company for adventurers. Bryce Thatcher, owner of UltrAspire is known in the industry as the “Father of Hydration” for inventing the first ever hydration pack over 35 years ago and continues to innovate the outdoor adventure and athletic world with his ground breaking designs. Experience the difference at ultraspire.com


UltrAspire Debuts an Official Documentary with a Fresh New Homepage

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