UltraRunning Magazine Celebrates 40 Years

January 25, 2021

January 25, 2021 – BEND, OR – Founded in 1981, UltraRunning Magazine is celebrating 40 years as the Voice of the Sport.™ The February 2021 issue will provide comprehensive and in-depth historical coverage featuring a summary of each decade written by former UR publisher John Medinger. Other contributors are a “who’s who” of the sport’s most influential thinkers and participants including Craig Thornley, Ellie Greenwood, Errol “Rocket” Jones, Davy Crockett, John Trent and more. This special 40th anniversary issue also features UltraRunning’s Performance of the Year, iconic photos, all-time statistics, and stories on ultrarunning’s extraordinary growth and future direction.

“The number of ultras and finishers grew each year from 1981 through 2019, with positive and often transformative impacts on participants. UltraRunning has been there every step of the way and is committed to growing the sport while preserving its culture. That focus will continue to guide us in the next 40 years,” said UR publisher, Karl Hoagland. Independently owned, the magazine has been published by ultrarunners throughout its 40-year history.

The 40th anniversary issue of UltraRunning will arrive in mailboxes at the end of January, and a special offer for new subscribers can be found at ultrarunning.com. This year, UltraRunning will be adding new contributors, including Pete Kostelnick, Coree Woltering, Meghan Canfield (Laws) and Tim Tollefson, and will continue to celebrate 40 years of ultrarunning coverage all year long. For more information, visit ultrarunning.com or email help@ultrarunning.com.