TRR Nutrition partners with Three World Class Triathletes

June 4, 2020

Craig Alexander, Tim Don and Sara Svensk

TRR Nutrition, an industry leading sports supplement brand that develops products for elite level endurance athletes, is proud to announce its newest partnership with three World Class and Ironman Champion triathletes: Craig Alexander, Tim Don and Sara Svensk.

The three ambassadors will be joining TRR, a team of health experts and world-class athlete Andy Murray, to work on several exciting new activations over the coming months.

All three athletes have been using TRR Pro Advanced Collagen in order to support their joints and bones, and maintain optimum health and fitness levels. They join TRR Nutrition’s elite ambassador team at an exciting time for the brand that will help position their products within the endurance athlete community around the world.

Paul Davison Managing Director of Nutraformis, the company behind TRR comments: “We’re extremely proud to reveal this exciting partnership with Craig Alexander, Tim Don and Sara Svensk as all three have been using TRR products to maintain health and fitness levels for some time.  It is an exciting opportunity for the TRR Nutrition team to be working with these incredible athletes and we look forward to continuing to support our entire elite athlete team with products to help them perform at the highest level in training and competition.”

 5 x Ironman and 70.3 World Champion Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander, who is still competing as one of the oldest elite professional triathletes on the circuit says: “Looking after your body is essential to help you maintain consistent training and to improve overall fitness and performance. TRR PRO Advanced Collagen has ingredients to help support bone and joint function. This is crucial, particularly as you start logging more miles and more years in the sport.”

 Ironman Champion and Nordic Ironman course record holder Sara Svensk is one of the most exciting professionals female professionals on the field, as well as a qualified medical doctor says: “I plan my recovery just as much as I plan my training. Nutrition is key. I use TRR daily so I can support my health and performance.”

Reigning Ironman World record holder, 3 times Olympian and 4 times World Champion Tim Don known for his lightning fast foot pace and adaptable racing style adds: “The process of training and taking good care of my body are what define the outcomes in Triathlon. Focus on the process and the performances will come – that is why I am making TRR an important addition to my training process and daily nutrition regime”.

 TRR are excited to continue to support Andy Murray on his journey back to top level tennis, and to begin working closely with Tim, Craig and Sara to help elevate their training over the next few months ready for the spectacle we will be sure to see on their return to competition.

About TRR Nutrition

TRR PRO Advanced Collagen Liquid Supplement (developed for Andy Murray) contains key active ingredients such as high-strength marine collagen (10,000mg), turmeric, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, copper and vitamin C to help support an athlete’s health and fitness levels when training and resting. Both the TRR PRO Advanced Collagen Liquid Supplement and TRR’s range of protein supplements are developed in conjunction with their team of world-class athletes, leading sports medicine specialist Dr Eva Carneiro and internationally renowned sports nutritionist, Glenn Kearney.  Working in partnership with experts allows the brand to truly understand the demands of elite level endurance training and an athlete’s nutritional needs, and this is reflected in their high quality, scientifically formulated products.


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