Three new, free to use, scoring methods for virtual events on sodisp

June 15, 2020

sodisp is a brand new sports platform to quickly create virtual events and challenges. It's free to use for most events. Start your virtual event today!

sodisp has announced three new scoring methods for virtual events on sodisp.com to create a virtual event or challenge that works best for event organizers.

  1. Best result: The ‘classic’ event goal: the faster you go, the higher your ranking. As everyone’s route is different and no one will have the exact race distance sodisp makes sure to scale all matching activities to the goal distance of the race to make comparable results. So even if you run 9.5 km instead of exactly 10 km, or maybe even 12 km, sodisp will automatically scale the results to make it comparable with others. The company does this by scaling a runner’s time (and points!) to the race distance. For example, when someone runs 3% more distance sodisp  will reduce the time and points with 3% as well.
  2. Total distance: the total distance goal is the perfect option to keep participants engaged with a virtual event. Each activity they complete gets added to their total distance. Ranking of the event will be updated in real-time.
  3. Total elevation: this is the preferred option for virtual trail runs. sodisp combines the total elevation gain for all the activities of a user during the virtual challenge. Optionally organizers can also set the minimum elevation gain for an activity to qualify for the rankings.

Creating a virtual event takes only a few minutes; simply go to https://sodisp.com/ and click on the ‘Create Your Event’ button at the top. After the quick setup, participants can join using their Strava or Garmin accounts or quickly create a new account.

Connect using Garmin and Strava

sodisp allows participants to connect using their Strava app or Garmin device. We automatically sync runs, walks and rides from Strava and Garmin, it all goes automatically! We also support manual upload of gpx files for users without Garmin or Strava.

Every run or ride gets a score which is based on the estimated people density at that specific track and at that moment in time. Read more on our scoring system .

Available now and free for most events

To celebrate the company’s launch, starting a virtual event on sodisp is free of charge for all events with less than 10,000 participants. Have a larger event? Contact sodisp to discuss possibilities.

Feel free to drop us a line at hello@sodisp.com when you have a question or if you want to know how sodisp can help your event be more successful.

About sodisp: The name sodisp is short for social distancing sports. sodisp.com is launched in May of 2020 by the founder of the largest running app and community in The Netherlands and with over 10 years of experience in the endurance sport events industry. sodisp.com is the latest platform to combine gamification with outdoor sports to allow its users to enjoy the great outdoors, even in this challenging post-corona era. Feel free to contact us at hello@sodisp.com.