The RunnerBox and RiderBox Help Athletes Spring into Action with their Latest Edition

April 13, 2021

The RunnerBox and RiderBox have released the newest of their subscription series, the Spring Edition. Shipping throughout April and May, the Spring Edition features gear and nutrition thoughtfully curated to help athletes make their spring training and (potential) racing as successful as possible.

“Spring represents new beginnings, and we are experiencing that, perhaps more than ever this year,” said The RunnerBox CEO Laura Jorgensen. “With racing and group rides/runs slowly and safely reemerging after a year-long hiatus, we are seeing everyone from new athletes to seasoned veterans find renewed energy to set goals, get outside, and get moving. We couldn’t be more thrilled than to provide them a resource for motivation and fuel with our Spring Edition.”

Starting as low as $25, the edition will go out to all current subscribers as well as those who sign-up before the May 30th deadline. Here’s a sneak peak of this edition’s featured products:

For All Athletes:

SaltStick FastchewsIf a Sweet Tart and an electrolyte had a baby, it would be a Saltstick Fastchew. These tart, chewable tablets taste like candy and will replace the exact same electrolytes subscribers sweat out in a form their body can easily absorb. MSRP: $3.60

Kate’s Real Food Peanut Butter Hemp & Flax Energy BarHandmade with certified organic ingredients, this bar is the ticket to subscribers’ next great adventure. Every bite is packed with protein-rich seeds, complex carbs, and dark chocolate so subscribers will be deliciously fueled. MSRP: $2.49

Yumbutter Organic Sunflower ButterMade with freshly roasted sunflower seeds, this spread will provide subscribers a nut-free option that tastes incredible and is also incredibly good for them. MSRP: $4.99

Amp Human D+ LotionVitamin D deficiency was a problem before COVID brought lockdowns, quarantine, and more inside time than EVER. Subscribers can rest easy: this revolutionary gel is proven to triple Vitamin D levels in 3 months. MSRP: $2.00

Kodiak Chocolate Chip Crunchy Granola BarsOffering 10g of protein, these bars will provide subscribers a crispy, crunchy, balanced way to elevate their snack game. MSRP: $1.00

FeelGood Superfoods® Immune Support ShotShots! Shots! Shots! This 26-superfood, physician-formulated wonder will provide an easy way for subscribers to get a daily dose of fruits, vegetables, and essential vitamins for immune support. MSRP: $2.00

Golden Girl Granola Snack PackSubscribers’ granola just got gourmet! This woman-run, artisanal brand hand-stirs natural ingredients to bring out honest flavor with low levels of sugar and salt. We like to think of it as a culinary granola marvel. MSRP: $2.99

For Runners Only:

Barefoot Scientist Blister Spray– Blisters. They can be detrimental to your run and also pretty gross to look at. Thankfully, subscribers will receive this award-winning spray that will keep their feet protected in any conditions. MSRP: $14.00

Without Limits Runners Essentials Long Run Recovery ShakeMade specifically for runners, this recovery mix combines protein, BCAA, carbs, electrolytes, vitamins, and powerful apoptogenic micronutrients that will help subscribers optimize performance and enhance recovery. MSRP: $3.25

Prince of Peace Ginger Chews with Mango– Harnessing thehealth benefits of ginger, these delectable chews will provide subscribers a healthier way to indulge while also calming the stomach.MSRP: $1.99

Nuun Endurance Lemon LimeWhen you run longer than 90 minutes your body needs more than water and electrolytes to keep up. Nuun Endurance is the perfect blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates that will keep subscribers hydrated longer and going stronger all dang day. MSRP: $2.00

For Riders Only:

BLDG Active Skin RepairCycling Rule #1: It’s not a question of if you will crash, but when. Luckily, BLDG’s Active Skin Repair will both support subscribers’ healing process and work as an antimicrobial using the same medical grade molecule used in hospitals. MSRP: $24.99

Mueller Sports Medicine Reusable Cold/Hot PackIce or heat? That is the question. With Mueller’s Cold/Hot pack, subscribers will no longer need to decide. This non-toxic soft gel pack refrigerates for cold therapy or microwaves for heat therapy. MSRP: $5.99

CarboRocket 333 Half Evil All-in-One Endurance FuelLoaded with 333 calories that drink like 100, this super fuel was formulated to provide the necessary nutrition and hydration for subscribers’ longest, hardest days. MSRP: $4

About The RunnerBox and The RiderBox

The RunnerBox is the longest-standing subscription box in the endurance space. Offering boxes for runners and cyclists, it is a fun and easy way for any athletes to receive a regular supply of products to enhance their active lifestyles. Each box is filled with hand-picked products tested and approved by a team of professional athletes and nutrition experts. The RunnerBox and RiderBox offer subscriptions which are shipped every second month in addition to limited edition boxes and one-time gift boxes. To learn more about The RunnerBox visit www.therunnerbox.com