The National Cycling League to focus on 2025 and pause the 2024 season.

April 15, 2024

(Miami, Fla, April 15, 2024) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – National Cycling League (NCL) announces it will pause operations for the 2024 season effective immediately as it looks to restructure and rebuild for the 2025 season. While NCL will not field events or teams in 2024, the executive team and board of directors will focus on coming back stronger in 2025 by restructuring its business model within the current economic challenges facing the domestic and global cycling industry.

“Pausing our 2024 plans affects many teams and riders, and we are working with everyone individually to help them through 2024 and to position everyone for success in 2025,” said Reed McCalvin, VP of Operations and Teams.

NCL had planned to field three full co-ed teams – Miami Nights, Denver Disruptors, and Atlanta Rise – for the 2024 season. These teams were going to battle for the 2024 NCL Cup, as well as challenge the best teams and riders in the U.S. with a full domestic race calendar. Riders and staff have been notified and will be assisted through their transitions.

In 2023, its inaugural season, NCL hosted three successful criterium races in Miami Beach, Denver, and Atlanta. Those events will not take place in 2024.

“One of the goals for the National Cycling League has been to build on the current domestic cycling scene,” said Andrea Pagnanelli, NCL CEO. ”For us to reach this goal in this market, we felt that pausing our 2024 plans to adjust our model will allow us to come back even stronger in the future.”


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About National Cycling League

Founded in 2022, the National Cycling League (NCL) is transforming professional cycling into a world-class spectator sport. The inaugural 2023 NCL Cup included races in Miami Beach, Denver, and Atlanta. Visit nclracing.com for more information.