Suweeka to Take Pre-Orders of Game-Changing ‘Bike Lifter’ Modular Rack Ecosystem

December 6, 2023

Website presales to begin December 15 for debut product: Bike Lifter Rack with Quick Connect Hitch Cleat

Portland, Oregon (December, 2023)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Suweeka is proud to announce presales (presales or pre-order) of its debut product, the first-of-its-kind Bike Lifter, on which they’ll begin accepting deposits through their website on December 15th – just in time for the holidays – with delivery expected early in the new year. Aimed at the growing e-bike, cycling and e-moto markets, the bike lifter will be the first product in their new hitch-rack modular ecosystem which will also work with future carrying solutions for a number of other outdoor pursuits.

The first 100 people to place a $100.00 deposit will secure their place in the initial production run to be among the first in the US to receive the Bike Lifter system, in addition these 100 early adopters will also receive $100.00 off the purchase of their Bike Lifter. After the first 100 deposits are received, consumers may still put a deposit down, but delivery may come after the initial run, the size of which will depend on the initial response. Click HERE for pre-orders.

The unique design allows the user to lower or raise the trays, with a power drill or included hand crank, in a flat position all the way to the ground (most vehicles) for roll-on loading and roll-off unloading – instead of the typical (method of hoisting your bike up on to the trays) tilting style which still requires lifting. The Bike Lifter system will also include the equally innovative and user-friendly Quick Connect Hitch Cleat (QCHC) connector, onto which any of their future product carriers will easily mount.

“We’re thrilled to be at the point where we can offer pre-orders – it’s been a long road, we’ve had lots of interest along the way, and we can’t wait to get some racks out to these early adopters. Our rack has many benefits to any rider but especially those with e-bikes or e-motorcycles that can weigh up to 80 pounds or more. Lifting any of these heavy bikes onto a rack can be extremely difficult and even dangerous: I knew there had to be a better way, and our Lifter is the solution,” says Houser. “It allows anyone to roll on, raise up and go and then lower down, roll off and enjoy their bike ride.”

The Bike Lifter system with two bike trays will retail for $2600, and the single-tray option will be $2200 (2nd tray may be added later for additional cost). Included in the package is the QCHC, which attaches to the vehicle’s hitch mount as per usual. Onto the QCHC users can simply install the Bike Lifter system, which slides on and securely locks into place (a quick pull of the lever will release it for removal). The Lifter has two arms extending outward, onto which the bike trays and support beams install. Future carriers will attach to the arms in place of the bike trays.

“While the Bike Lifter is an awesome (or amazing or timely) initial offering, we plan to soon begin adding quick release attachments for a wide array of activities including camping, winter sports, hunting/fishing and more,” adds Kirk Ohly, Co-Founder. “And like the bike rack, all future carrying solutions will fit into our ecosystem with easy click-on, click-off attachment, thanks to the Quick Connect. With this modular ecosystem, all our rack attachments simply make sense and are easier to install than traditional designs.”

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About Suweeka: Suweeka was started by enthusiastic gearheads, cyclists, product nerds and outdoor adventurers. We believe that the way we transport our gear should be re-engineered from the ground up. We’re on a mission to seek out the very best possible solutions for connecting, organizing and transporting your gear. Suweeka: a modular, vehicle rack system – engineered to support the lifestyle of active and passionate people in original and innovative ways.

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