Student-Athletes’ Data-Driven Nutrition Box from Fuel Goods Sold Out in 15 Minutes

May 9, 2024

Fuel Goods partnered with leading student-athlete marketplace MarketPryce to create School Fuel Box

Asheville, NC/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ –Fuel Goods, the Asheville, NC-based online marketplace that makes sports nutrition approachable for all people, is proud of its continued expansion and reach into diverse demographics through its partnership with MarketPryce, a leading online marketplace that connects student-athletes with brands. To celebrate National Student-athlete Day (NSAD) on April 6, the two entities surveyed students and designed a customized sports nutrition subscription box, School Fuel Box, that powers student-athletes through workouts, classes, exams, and other activities.

Fuel Goods’ core values include market research and the use of data to curate its sports nutrition boxes. The company has an on-staff nutritionist who curates recommendations and they often survey niche groups for their preferences and needs, a core component of the collaboration with MarketPryce. The School Fuel Box was built using information gleaned from a Fuel Goods survey to student-athletes through the MarketPryce platform. This survey asked student-athletes about their needs and interests in nutrition on and off the field and their top preferences regarding snacks, energy bars, sports drinks, and other categories. Thirty School Fuel Boxes were created for student-athletes to purchase on April 18 through MarketPryce and the boxes sold out in under 15 minutes- a testament to the product and feedback inclusion from the community. After receiving and using their box for one week, the customers provided additional feedback. Their feedback was taken into consideration and updates were made to curate the perfect School Fuel Box that is now available for purchase by everyone.

“As a young brand, it’s important that we leverage partnerships with respected partners such as MarketPryce to help continue our mission of removing barriers of not only wanting to fuel better but actually doing it,” states Laura Jorgensen, CEO of Fuel Goods. “Data generation is very important to us and the opportunity to gather data and feedback from the student-athlete population played right into our mission which is a win-win-win for everyone involved!”

“As former student-athletes, Fuel Goods just gets it and I can’t wait to continue helping them connect with value-aligned student-athletes across the country,” shared Jason Bergman, founder and CEO of MarketPryce. “I love their focus on curation- helping student-athletes save time while finding the best options to help them fuel up off the field. I can already imagine how much student-athletes will look forward to receiving their monthly box to discover what’s inside.”

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About Fuel Goods

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